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Chris Brown, rihanna, Soulja Boy,soooo does that nigga hit hard,humor,stop the violence, can't we all just get along
my wifey game strong,meme
liquor before beer and you're in the clear,beer before liquor and you'll be fine,stop being a pussy, meme
I'm having people over to stare at their phones later,if you want to come by,meme
liberal,a person so open minded,their brains have fallen out,meme

trusting too much,kills you,apple on head,arrow throw forehead,meme
if someone touches your soul,let them touch your butt,meme
be patient, empires aren't built in a day,meme
be a good person,but don't waste time to prove it,meme
stop texting them first,and watch y'all never talk again,meme

Florida winter,shoveling, netting leaf out of swimming pool,meme
a tear is made of 1% water and 99%;feelings,meme
if I actually spoke my mind,I'd be in deep shit, meme
my husband told me to pick up some oil,now I know how guys feel,in the tampon aisle,to many options, meme
if you're not going to speak up,how is the world supposed to know you exist,meme

how old are you,I don't know,between 5 and 34, what,send me a pic,meme
when I say,I'll see,to plans,10/10 times I'm not leaving my house,I might even ask,what time,for decoration, meme
shitty advice,feeling like your partner doesn't listen anymore,try this,while having sex,call them by your ex's name too see if they're paying attention,humor,meme
real men stand by their girls on good days,and stand even closer on bad days,no matter what,meme
do I get bonus points,if I act like I care,meme

the best dreams happen when you're awake,Jessica firrell, meme
some girls our age,make me want to go hug my mom and thank her for the way she raised me,meme
a person who falls and gets back up,is much stronger than person who never fell,meme
a women from Michigan named, Barbara soper, gave birth on 10/10/10,09/09/09 and 08/08/08/ ,the odds of 50 million to one,meme
do you ever wake up,kiss the person sleeping beside you,and feel glad that you are alive,I just did,and apparently will not be allowed on this airline again,meme

how emotionally stable I am,chair legs thin as tooth picks,ate up by bugs,meme
a hungry stomach,an empty pocket,a broken heart,teach the best lessons of life,meme
u dumb if u think partying n random hook ups is better than,cuddling n eating chips n dip,with someone u love until u fall asleep,meme
you have to act calm,cool,collected around liquid eyeliner,because it can sence your fear,meme
no money November was a success,dead broke December is bout to be poppin, meme

why I drive a 6.0 diesel,it pulls like a train,sounds like a plane,faster than a cheetah sniffing cocaine,ford trucks,meme
a father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there,but a guiding light whose love shows us the way,meme
wow,i really regret quitting smoking,said no one ever,tobacco free Florida, meme
I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me,meme
day 4,my mom still suspects nothing,of the random pineapple in my room,mason jar full of marijuana, cut off pineapple top covering jar,humor,meme

seems legit, stop sign covered in snow,go spelled out in snow,meme
alright,call her,heart beat up brain with bat,meme
what do you make at your job,mostly inappropriate comments,meme
stoner girls beat drunken girls any day,meme
you can't stop the feelings you have for someone,you can't lie to yourself either,your heart knows the truth all too well,meme

had to repo that trust due to insufficient loyalty,meme
who's laughing now ese, jacked up car on big rims, driving down flooded street,meme
I wonder if there's a tacos out there,thinking of me too,meme
try being informed, instead of just opinionated, meme
you smile,but you wanna cry,you talk,but you wanna be quiet,you pretend like you're,but you aren't,meme

when your life is a mess,but everything always works out in the end,neon lights out on sign,restaurant, meme
ill bet you an orgasm,that our clothes look better on the floor,meme
the mondayest Tuesday ever,meme
if you are not doing what you love,you are wasting your time,meme
women are angels,and when someone breaks our wings,we simply continue to fly,on our broomstick,we're flexible like that,meme

they say women speak 20,000 words a day,but I have a 5 year old who gets that shit done by breakfast, meme
she loves me more,she loves me more,wine,coffee, meme
women are like roads,the more curves,the more fun,exciting,and dangerous they are,meme
dasher, dancer,prancer, vixen,tequila, rum,vodka n whiskey, meme
don't flirt with me,I might really snatch your ass up,have you all in love and shit, meme

people think I'm a hugger, but I'm actually shaking them down for snacks,meme
fuck it,balled up Christmas lights hanging,humor,meme
when the guy who said he can turn your $100 to $800, not answering,they got me,meme
if you see me eating a salad in a restaurant,I have been kidnapped and I am trying to signal you,meme
spilling a full drink,you just paid for,is the adult equivalent of letting go of a balloon, meme

my girl can't open a can of soda on her own,but somehow wanna get super hero strength when I cheat,iphone bent in half,meme
hasn't even been a year and people already offering sacrifices for,harambe the gorilla,meme
everyday I struggle between, I want to look good naked,treat yo self,meme
don't tell me you miss me,tell me you're outside with tacos,actions,meme
2017 is the year to be a fucking savage,make moves,accomplish all your goals,learn to fall in love with yourself,and stunt so hard on everybody that has ever doubted you,meme

the I got high,but you'll never know kit,hand sanitizer,chapstick, Altoids,nuggets,lighter,clear eyes,humor,meme
I don't call or text anyone,I'm basically paying $100 a month just to look at memes all day,meme
she went through my phone and didn't find anything to be mad about,so then got mad because I,must have deleted it,always something,can't get right,humor,meme
one bad chapter doesn't mean the story is over,tomorrow is another day,meme
this is a lung from a marijuana snorter,please share for awareness, pecan,humor,meme

don't expect any new year resolutions from me,I intend on staying the same awkward,sarcastic, foul mouthed delight you've all come to know and love,meme
the best thing about having a penis, is sharing it with people who don't,humor,meme
the less you give a dame,the happier you will be,meme
no one is harder on me than me,so take your judgment and shove it up your ass, meme
when people ask about my past,dirt under the rug,meme

my girl gave me the silent treatment for a week,it ended when I told her,we've been getting along really well lately,meme
r I p to negative thinking,meme
when one of my friends sends me a picture,hold on,I've got a meme for that, flies full of memes,meme
don't be so quick to call everybody a friend,some people just cool ass snakes,meme
my watch tells me,I won't have time,for any bullshit today,meme

oral sex is the new goodnight kiss,just kiss it,meme
if Bruce Willis died of a viagra overdose, the headlines would say,Bruce Willis died hard,humor,meme
teacher,can anyone name 3 kings who have brought happiness and peace into peoples lives,boy,drinking,smoking,fucking, meme
coworker,how do you celebrate Christmas if you don't believe in god,me,how do you celebrate valentines day,if nobody likes you,humor,for real though,meme
I wonder if clouds ever look down on us and say,hey look,that one is shaped like an idiot,bill cosby, meme

when you go back to the same liquor store twice in one day,because you and your lowlife friends have a problem,hi,me again,meme
only goal as a mother,raise children that don't have to recover from their childhood,meme
for love id do anything,for you id do even more,meme
I'm not mad,I just had enough of you,over it,over you,over your bullshit shenanigans,meme
she's just a girl with a big butt,searching for a man,who cannot lie,meme

I started treating myself like a boss and it left others with no choice but to treat me like one too,meme
don't love too soon,don't trust to fast,don't judge too soon,don't quit too early,don't expect too high,don't talk too much,meme
it's crazy how women in their 30s and 40s look younger than girls half their age these days,you little girls need to lay off the drugs and party life,shit has you aging in dog years,meme
ever look at someone and think,why has no one hit you with a shovel yet,meme
when you're the reason,for a company safety video,meme

you can try to dirty my name,but ill wear your hate like war paint,madalyn beck,meme
Mexicans be like,I know a friend that can fix that,burnt up vehicle,meme
boss,we need to make a good impression with the client,wear something that makes a statement,me,this meeting is bullshit, caption on socks,meme
dear cupid,next time hit us both,meme
someone's therapists knows all about you,meme

use your time wisely, not promised tomorrow, don't sweat the small stuff,life is bigger than that,meme
I need a day between Saturday and Sunday, it should be called,sexallday, meme
I can look directly at someone,nod when they're talking,maybe even throw in a yeah,and still not hear a single word they said,meme
ex,I still love you,me,I don't blame you,meme
life is better in pyjamas, pajamas,pj's,meme

in case you missed the election, this is what happened, elephant fucking a donkey,jackass, meme
if you think someone is giving you a fake number,read it back to them incorrectly, if they correct you,its legit, meme
some people only check up on you to see if you failed yet,naw I'm still winning,meme
I'm always forced to do shit I'm not qualified for,like being nice to fucking idiots,meme
my husband's friends are so kind,all I said was I needed a facial and all of them offered,meme

drinking at home is so much better than the bar,because there isn't a last call,and I can be naked,meme
searches grandfather clock on Google,forgets the l,meme
alright,you've scrolled long enough,it's time to wipe your ass, bathroom library, meme
if you can't handle me at my worst,I don't blame you,I'm a moody psychopathic bitch who needs attention 24/7,sex,and to be left the hell alone,have fun figuring that recipe out,meme
this new wrench is amazing,one side is standard, the other is metric,we truly do live in an age of technological marvels, two sided crescent wrench,meme

who am I to judge another,when I myself walk imperfectly,meme
has anyone told you,how fuckaliscious you look today,meme
my penis told me it was done peeing, putting it back in my pants,determined that was a lie,drip drop,pee on the leg,humor,meme
flat screens are nice and all,but they'll never compare to the television, record player,liquor cabinet combo extravaganza we had as kids,meme
my fantasy is having two men at once,one cooking,one cleaning,meme

smoking weed doesn't make me a bad person,just like going to church doesn't make you a good person,don't judge me,meme
real isn't who's with you at your celebration, real is who's standing next to you at rock bottom,meme
it's true,alcohol kills people,but how many are born because of it,meme
making puns,huh,toucan play that game,humor,pun intended, meme
how to dress for cold weather,take your pants off,get back into bed,meme

the best revenge is always to just happily move on n let karma do the rest,meme
ur allowed 5 emotional minutes in the day,the you gotta be a gangsta, meme
me trying to convince my postop patient to go for a walk,young boy,over weight dog,meme
I'm sorry I slapped you,but you didn't seem like you would ever stop talking and I panicked,meme
my joints are stiff,it's because you're rolling them too tight,humor, cartoon  elderly couple,meme

freedom is a state of mind,bird in cage with door open,meme
the hardest part about having a backpack with wheels,is dodging all the panties that are thrown my way,meme
relationships fail because people take their own insecuritys,and try and twist them into their partners flaws,meme
not sure what's worse,waiting for dealer when dry,or pizza when high,meme
so many good women have dealt with the wrong man,so many good men have dealt with the wrong woman,that by the time you 2 finally meet,you're both afraid of each other,meme

you may not be everyone's cup of tea,but you're somebody's double shot of whiskey,meme
doc,any drugs or alcohol, guy,is love a drug,love is the most powerful drug of all,ok cuz I fucking love cocaine, meme
being spiritual doesn't mean you are always positive,fuck out my face,while I balance these energies, meme
just like seasons,people change,meme
white people be like,oh no,we don't believe in spankings, y'all wasn't saying that shit between 1789-1861,slavery years,meme

totally thought this guy was just chilling,with his balls hanging out,little girl on guys lap,feet look like his ball sack,humor,meme
I'm used to it,the saddest thing you can hear someone say,meme
help people,even when you know,they can't help you back,meme
if you stick by me,I stick by you,meme
my mind is a dangerous place,but my mouth is a killer,I have no filters or brakes,if it hits my brain,it flys out my mouth,meme

when you promised to take your dog to the park,but you ended up looking at memes all weekend instead,what's up you meme loving fuck, humor,meme
I don't like people,I like hardcore,sex,and pizza,in that order,meme
sending love to all the girls out there,trying to love themselves in a world,that's constantly telling them not to,meme
I speak my mind,because it hurts,to bite my tongue,meme
why didn't someone at my wedding speak up,sonsabitches, meme

I'm just a few fishing rods away from being featured on an episode of,hoarders, meme
some of y'all chicks are a second,mannequin challenge, in bed,meme
being single doesn't mean you are undesirable or unwanted,it means you know your worth,and you are waiting for someone who is worthy, don't settle for less than you deserve, meme
you wouldn't have to pray for,a second chance,if you cherished the first one,meme
I don't come with dice,so don't fucking play me,meme

nice,but fucked up,how to properly describe me to people that don't know me,meme
don't buy me everything you wish you could have had growing up,teach me everything you wish you would have known growing up,raise them right,tough love,meme
beer,because fuck your protein drink,meme
the fact that there are riots in the streets because, Donald trump,was elected president, is the reason why he was elected elected,we the people,have had enough of this shit, meme
I stay to myself,because I have a hard time,believing people are real,meme

when you see something online,you weren't supposed to see,eye washing, meme
if you are losing the game,change the rules,meme
her texting speed depends on your importance, meme
unfortunately some of my best moments in 2016, were spent with people who won't even be a part of 2017,meme
this is how my friends and I played back in the day,not one of us grew up,and killed anyone,toy guns,meme

my friends dog was bullied by neighbours dogs,so this was her solution,all the dogs were afraid of him since then,three headed dog,meme
I'm so hungover, I just said thank you to a vending machine,meme
for most people,being angry is just a bodyguard for sadness,meme
if you're mine,you're only mine,I don't share,meme
alcohol is not in my vodkabulary, however, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink too much of it,it's likely tequilya, meme

stress is caused by not hunting enough,meme
I don't mean to interrupt people,I just randomly remember things n get really excited, meme
weak people revenge, strong people forgive,intelligent people ignore,meme
the hardest part of parenting is trying to be fake mad when your kid does something bad but hilarious, meme
in the future,ill tell my grandkids that I am older than the internet, and blow their minds forever,meme

I'm not perfect,but parts of me are excellent,meme
girls be twerkin n grinding at parties,but be scared to present they projects at school,meme
how Puerto ricans feel,after selling all their bottles of coquito, meme
fuck nudes, send me a picture of your medicine cabinet,I need to know what kind of psycho I'm dealing with,meme
all these calculators, but your shit still doesn't add up,meme

so you want me to fix the plumbing, I didn't install because I was too expensive, gonna cost you double now,meme
open Carrie,concealed Carrie,Carrie fisher,princess leia,star wars,shampoo,the blues brothers,Hannah and her sisters,the burbs, when harry met sally,meme
nothing beats a beautiful girl with a great singing voice,except, Chris brown,meme
when you shoot your shot and she never opens the message,basketball sitting on rim, humor,meme
if the first thing you do when you get in your feelings,is hop on a keyboard and tell a bunch of strangers,you are your own problem,keep that to your self,meme

I'm not old,I just have a lot of experience in maintaining a pulse,going to live for ever,if the good die young,meme
in a relationship, I only want three things,eyes that won't cry,lips that won't lie,and love that won't die,perfect,meme
far better than,two turtle doves,shots,meme
soooo, we just not doing winter this year,Florida winters,meme
I know I have to be careful,because there is something self destructive within me,meme

legend says when you can't sleep,its because you're awake in someone else's dreams,when I find out who you are,I'm going to punch you right in your face,sweet dreams,meme
relax,my darling,let me show you what I can do,when I take it slow,meme
who remembers, unfolding the cassette insert,to read the lyrics,meme
just have to smile at the bullshit, meme
just because you want to see your people eat,doesn't make you responsible for preparing their plate,help me help you,meme

when the teacher ask who's presenting next,sleeping in chair,under desk,not it doesn't,meme
just because you have a beard,it doesn't mean you're a man,vaginas can grow hair too,meme
people,are you ok,me yeah,no worries,boat sunken, meme
don't be afraid,I'm only crazy enough to make the sex good,freak in the sheets,meme
you've got to determine what success means to you,omar Benson miller, short story long,meme

people who have no life,will always try to start drama in yours,no new friends,meme
I have 3.5 gb of memes on my phone,hair on arms standing up,meme
my job has this cool thing,where if you do your job very well,you get to do other peoples job too,fuck you pay me,meme
getting into a relationship may seem like a good idea,but so was getting on the titanic,and look what happened there,meme
if 2016 was a person, grim reaper, death,meme

the only thing that matters,at the end of the day,taking bra off,free the boobies, meme
warning,this is not a safe space,feelings may be hurt,beyond this point, meme
materialistic things don't impress me,your soul does,inner beauty, meme
periods help you learn how to get blood off of things,which is probably why you hear more stories, of men caught with murder,meme
me,no no I'm not competitive at all,also me,flipped table playing, monopoly board game,humor,temper temper,meme

we are America,red white, and blue,bald eagle,meme
I'm just going to put an,out of order,sticker on my forehead,and call it a day,over it,meme
I always like to race the shore,gps, it'll be like you will arrive in 45 minutes, I'll be like,bet,meme
me waiting for a relationship vs when someone likes me,humor,ocean waves, crashing on the shore line,meme
I got 99 problems and being trapped in a decaying body in a money hungry society on a dying planet,in a mysterious dimension may be one,meme

get in loser we're deleting meme pages for,hate speech,but leaving up kiddie porn and videos of people dying,rip spb5000, Mark Zuckerberg,Facebook ceo,meme
dear teacher,I talk to everyone,moving my seat will not help you,meme
about to touch a sting ray,I should punch it though,just to let it know,Steve Irwin,got shooters out here,rest in peace, crocodile hunter,meme
if you ever think about yesterday's accomplishments, you have already lost todays, meme
if you can't be happy,at least be drunk,humor,meme

I feel like trump and the Clinton are two divorced parents,fighting for custody of us,and we just wanna go live with grandma, meme
the soul usually knows what to do to heal itself,the challenge is to silence the mind,meme
a husband and wife were trying to set up a new password on their computer,the husband,put my penis, and the wife fell on the ground laughing cause on screen was error,error not long enough,meme
apparently,there are people out there,who wash,dry,iron,fold,and put away their clothes,all in one day,yeah,I know,I'm confused,too,meme
for girls,it's chicks before dicks, for guys,it's bros before hoes, for me it's whoever has my back over fake ass people any day,meme

you just don't see enough people being taken away in straight jackets anymore,meme
you don't just catch a girl like her,if you are lucky enough to have her,it's because she let you,remember that,meme
there used to be a picture here,but Hillary deleted it,meme
sadly,the days of people using proper English are went,meme
I hate a nosey bitch, that gathers all the wrong info,meme

one step at a time,one day at a time,one hour at a time,meme
my circle is so small,I almost cut myself,meme
gave my sister my plugs number and she sends him this lmfao I'm done with her,hi id like to order some weed,humor,meme
consistency, I like that shit, no time for bull shit, meme
I used to be embarrassed of my broken parts,not anymore,even in pieces, I'm worth having,alfa, meme

your aura is dusty,sage that shit, meme
when ya granny beef at church,this is how they stunt on each other,fancy freely hats, meme
when bae says her new handsome guy friend is gay,but you still gonna keep an eye on the situation, dog looking through hole in fence,I see ya looking,with your looking ass, meme
when people who didn't like their government,got shit done,meme
when u realize u don't want 2 be responsible for anything anymore,and u just want 2 nap and be small, baby raccoon,meme

you know you're all grown up when,you actually pick up the ice cube,instead of kick it under the fridge,full grown games,meme
I'm not for everybody,and I'm cool with that,just doing me,meme
short bucket list,live near the ocean,have no regrets,live life to fullest,no regrets, meme
when you find out,el chapo, has just escaped from maximum security prison,for the 3rd time,and you still can't escape the,friendzone, Que,really,meme
I post shit to cheer your girl up,after you give her wack sex,step your game up,meme

I hope after this election we can still be friends,even if we are in different the fema camps,I have other plans,stand and fight,make America great again,meme
cop,anything in the car I should know about,me,nah just stuff you shouldn't know about,cop,cool,have a good day,not around here,meme
if I wanted to influence American politics, I would have just donated to,Clinton foundation,Allen west,republic,meme
smonday, the moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday,and the anxiety of Monday kicks in,I hate Mondays,meme
when you realise the most successful part of your life,is your meme page,meme

and then mom said,we're going to sleep in our own room tonight,lol,meme
don't cry over money,money never cries for you,meme
hi I'm Jamie foxx, for metro pcs,welvin, got eem, humor,look a like,meme
and that ladies and gentleman,is why you don't give your dog chocolate,nasty throw up,everywhere, nasty,poor puppy,meme
when you're leaving the house after an argument and you hear them mumble something under their breath, crazy looking airplane, meme

when your Chinese takeaway is undercooked, cat in Togo tray,humor,meme
my dad is a savage,rain drop,drop top,ha you thought, you got a lab top,dad,savage,meme
never really had a type,I just like the way I vibe with certain people,meme
all I want for Christmas is you,kidding,I just wish the gym was open,meme
are you okey, I'm fine,demons lurking, meme

all I want for Christmas is youuuu, to fall off a cliff, Grinch That Stole Christmas,meme
you think you all dat n a bag of chips,me,chip clip on cheek, humor,meme
none of my presents have barked yet,so that's kinda disappointing, meme
when your human says,who's a good boy,and you already know it's you,dog,humor,meme
I pushed everyone aside for you,you pushed me aside for everyone,meme

I just farted, that's as close to me giving a shit, as you're going to get,pull my finger,meme
you might be from polk county, if you recognize this car,items glued all over car,a sight to see,meme
I get viciously attacked everyday and sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it,then I remember, I'm fighting for the american people,of course it's worth it,make America great again,Donald trump,meme
sometimes all you can do is lie in bed,and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart,meme
winter poem,shit it's cold,the end,stay warm,meme

what others think of you is none of your business,meme
you called my baby ugly,no,I said your baby look just like you,oh,you ugly tho,humor,meme
if we each grow a large crop of different food,we could all trade with each other and eat for practically free,food is free,grow food not lawns,meme
27000 trees a day are destroyed due to toilet paper consumption,why not hemp toilet paper,hemp produces 4X the pulp per acre and only takes 5 months to grow,meme
pain changes people,it makes them trust less,overthink more and shut people out,meme

I don't keep secrets,I just keep people out my business,meme
not everyone deserves to know the real you,let them criticize who they think you are,meme
I'm going to fuck shit up,you comin, meme
single most greatest picture ever taken, Shaquille O'Neal,Kevin heart,prince William,meme
breakfast in bed, Quaker Oats,ms butterworth, meme

just because you can crochet something,doesn't mean you should,nice shorts, meme
if Donald trump gets elected,oprah said she would move to Canada,like and share to support her plan,old one but good one,meme
once you care,you're fucked, meme
cleanmaster, your phone is running low on storage,deletes cleanmaster to create more space,meme
when all 2 of your friends are busy,meme

target removed clown masks from their store shelves because they were creeping out customers,they still got dudes in the ladies room tho, Kermit, meme
girls room,clean,girls car,trashed,guys room,trashed,guys car,clean,meme
when he comes back into your life saying he's a changed man,was 6.99 now 6.99 humor,some things will never change,meme
clowns terrorizing the streets,evil billionaires running for president,where's batman when we need him,only in the movies,meme
am I free to go,when the police try to talk to you,confirm if you being detained by asking,am I free to go,know your rights,meme

last night my kids begged me to take them to the haunted house,I needed beer so we compromised, I took them to walmart, meme
real men do it,in one trip,meme
sorry I can't go out tonight, I've just bought a new washing powder and I want to see how my washing smells when it comes out the machine,have fun though, meme
tattoo for bikers,with short term memory loss,turtle/rabbit,humor,meme
idc if I got $20 in my pocket,if my bestfriend is broke,I got $10 cause we splitting,how you watching your friend struggle,I got you,meme

sometimes god will give you want you want,just to show you,it's not what you need,meme
good morning,I noticed the Hillary Clinton sign in your yard,so I assume you'll buy whatever crap I'm selling,humor,lock her up,meme
loyalty is hard to find,trust is easy to lose,actions speak louder than words,meme
only dead fish go with the flow,just keep swimming,meme
I just awesomed all over the place,meme

when you ask her why she has an attitude, and not only does she tell you exactly what's wrong,but she offers several solutions as well,relationship, meme
I finally figured out what I want to be when I get older,younger,humor,only if it could really happen,I don't want to grow up,meme
this is the only time,you will ever see,a Muslim hugging a pig,obama, Hillary Clinton,meme
good things happen to those who hustle,nothing worth having comes easy,meme
common sense is a flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden, meme

when someone says good morning,but you haven't been up long enough to comment on the quality of the morning,dog,please give me space,humor,morning,meme
lily Wayne after his,#blacklivesmatter,rant,humor,wth, wtf, smdh, meme
don't let idiots ruin your day,keep to your self,meme
oh snap its officially scorpio season,zodiac,meme
the look on every man's face,when his lady is yelling at him,and he has absolutely no idea what he did,cute puppy,relationship, meme

fbi found hillarys emails, usb drive,in her dentures,humor,dumb bitch, meme
I love you,skip,next,not today,meme
when a girl doesn't reply to my text,I feel honoured, I made her speechless, humor,meme
be sexy,be true,be wild,be you,meme
slim fast,hat on rain drain grate,humor,super slim super fast,meme

note to self,you gotta do this for you,this is for you,thus isn't about anybody,live for you,honor you,never lose sight of that,meme
I don't have beef with anybody,I mean a few mf's don't like me but they ain't about shit, meme
girlfriend told me she cheated,wonder why she didn't just ask me for help studying,humor,dumb ass, meme
I had Hellas heart eyes for ya,now I just roll my eyes at ya,meme
me as a girlfriend, me,I won't get jealous,me,who's this fucking whore, humor,get over it,meme

I heard you're a player,nice to meet you,I'm the coach,meme
accept what is,let go of what was,and have faith in what will be,meme
I'm not saying you're stupid,I'm just saying you've got bad luck,when it comes to thinking,meme
someday,someone might come into your life,and love you the way you've always wanted,meme
how to tie the strongest knot ever,step 1 put a pair of headphones in your pocket,step 2, wait 1minute, meme

isn't it too early to be eating,me,what time do stomachs open,tell me,always hungry,meme
funny, kick to the nuts,not funny, throat chop,double standards hurt everyone,meme
silence doesn't mean that person quit,it simply means that they don't want to argue with people who just don't want to understand,meme
if you have a face tattoo, that's the only thing you need to put on your resume, any additional info is irrelevant, fuck you tattooed on forehead, meme
remember the days you prayed for what you have today,meme

relationships are harder now,because conversations became texting, arguments became phone calls,feelings became subliminal messages,sex became easy,the word love is used out of context,insecurities became a way of thinking,getting jealous became a habit,trust is hard to come by,being hurt became nat
I enjoy being,feeling and thinking positive, meme
warning, you can go blind,from my pure awesomeness, meme
in public,you are his princess, in private,you are his dirty little girl,meme
no fishing,straight savage, fishing out of boat,humor,meme

when you're riding your bike,in the shower,while playing guitar,and you hear a noise,wtf, meme
between two evils,I always pick the one I never tried before,try everything once,meme
when you turn the lights off,and try to find your bed,looking crazy,meme
you smell like hidden motives,get away from me,meme
save money the easy way,grow a garden,it's thrifty, it's patriotic, plant today,meme

some people are real,some people are good,some people are fake and some people are real good at being fake,two faced,snakes,meme
all she do is lie and delete messages,nigga you dating Hillary Clinton,humor,meme
I'm loyal,but I ain't nobodys fool,meme
no excuses,better yourself,meme
when you and your bff, see a fuck boy,water gun,humor,pew pew,meme

I'm mad that I laughed, sign fell,sign laying on its side,meme
people,change your attitude or you're going to end up alone,me,I hate everyone,sitting alone on a beach,meme
did you know that six to eight beers each day,can reduce your risk of giving a shit, meme
if you hear people from my past speak of me,keep in mind they are speaking of a person they don't even know anymore,people change,meme
when your uber driver won't let you bring your beer in the car,kicking the car,video game,meme

be strong now because things will get better,it might be stormy now, but it can't rain forever,meme
don't depend too much on anyone,everyone changes when they meet new people,meme
no matter how much a snake sheds skin,its still a snake,meme
well aren't you just two scoops of shit in a bowl full of cunt, meme
when you suspect binge drinking won't solve your problems but you have to give it a solid effort to be sure,pug, big drink,meme

aging may have slowed me down,but it hasn't shut me up,meme
when you're sleeping over your friends house and hear,lets draw a dick, pistol,not tonight bud,humor,meme
speaking of deplorables,8years 3 accomplishments, made school lunches inedible, insurance unaffordable, and police lives unimportant,be proud libtards, obama,meme
the trick to being smart is knowing, when to play dumb,meme
don't talk,act,don't say,show,don't promise,prove,meme

faith it til you make it,meme
karmas only a bitch, if you are,meme
while you're waiting,someone else is doing it,meme
I'm not going to tell you to get over it,I'm going to help you get through it,meme
teens,before Ig, after ig, poses, meme

I'm not wearing any socks,and I have the panties to match,meme
there's only one race,the human race,we all bleed red,meme
I'm fucking insane,but my heart is pure n intentions are gold,aries, taurus, libra, aquarius, gemini, scorpio, cancer,Leo,meme
how many scars did we justify because we loved the person holding the knife,meme
I noticed all the pics of you and your man are deleted off your page,is everything ok,humor,goes down in the dm, meme

no life November, don't go out December, just stay in January,ok guys who's ready,lets do this,meme
I'm sick of y'all going straight from Halloween to Christmas like thanksgiving ain't a holiday,y'all better not put one plate in yo snap story,meme
sorry for the mean,awful,accurate things I said,meme
 when you post fire and hit a nerve,meme police,butt hurt,lmao, get over it,meme
sometimes I wonder why guys think boobs are awesome,then I grab my own tits, and remember why,meme

whether you stay in my life or walk out of my life,you're exactly where my life needs to be,I will keep living regardless, meme
crazy part is,I don't have it in me to do people how they've done me,savage if I wanted to be,kindness for weakness,meme
when exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime,you are ruled by criminals, wake up America,meme
it has been 122 years since we have had a bearded president,do you people even care about America,meme
being famous on instagram is like being rich in monopoly,its not real so calm down,meme

sometimes you meet people who totally change your life for the better,those people are called bartenders,drink up,meme
the only bs I need in my life is, breakfast and sex,meme
I'm bored,can I play with your zipper,meme
you make me have thoughts that are so fucking filthy, thank you,meme
in the age of information, ignorance is a choice,can't fix stupid,lazy ass Americas,meme

but,I'm too pretty for mondays, meme
I'm suspicious of people who don't like dogs,but I trust a dog when it doesn't like a person,bill Murray,meme
his head is brighter than Americans future,sad,stand and fight, meme
fuck me over, and it's fuck you forever,sorry not sorry,meme
I taste better naked,meme

when you text her,good morning beautiful, and she replies with,awww thanks buddy,walk off a cliff, fml, humor,meme
we're so old we remember when,sugar daddy,was just a candy,meme
things I have in common with a raccoon, dark circles around eyes,stay up all night,eats junk,cute, a little chubby,I will fight you,possibly rabid,humor,meme
there's something in you that the world needs,meme
you deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else,stay true to your self,meme

decided to pick a fight with my wife,cut piece of cake from center of cake,who does that,humor,meme
this is why we stand,family laying in Cemetery with falling soldiers,meme
the original mannequin challenge, county city workers,holding up a shovel,meme
only two ways to insert,still takes three tries,usb plug,meme
thanksgiving, turkey, u only like me for my breasts,humor,family time,meme

bullying is always going to be a thing,stop wrapping your kids in cotton wool,teach them to stand up and defend themselves and stop raising society of victims, stand and fight,meme
ill never have enough of your lips,how sweet,meme
kids don't remember their best day of television, take a kid fishing,outdoors,meme
you hoes with obama care,better get to making y'all final appointments now,free rides over,meme
we got 99 problems,but this bitch ain't one,Hillary Clinton,jay z, meme

interviewer, why do you want this job,me,I've always been passionate about being able to afford food,meme
I put my symptoms on webmd, and it turns out,I just need to be on the lake,with a cold beer,meme
so if the next president is white,the united states will have successfully gone black and then gone back,humor,meme
people change for two reason,either their minds have been opened or their hearts have been broken,meme
bra off,hair up,pj's on,meme

rip to all the stupid shit I heard today,meme
can you see the fuck you,in my smile,meme
I'm worried, you need to beat your snack addiction, playing drums with Pringles, humor,meme
trump is gonna make me work for my benefits,meme
when you see posts by anti gun liberals,screaming for a revolution, meme

I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships,forced interactions, or unnecessary conversations, meme
want to stop riots,play the national anthem,they'll all sit down,meme
I know you say you're sorry,but the problem is I just can't believe anything you say anymore,meme
2.5 million people want to move to Canada because trump won,that's 2.5 million jobs Donald trump created, you're welcome America,meme
yes,this is my real personality, who the fuck would want to fake this,meme

treat her like a princess and fuck her like a pornstar,meme
if you don't like who I am or what I'm doing with my life that's alright,I am not living for you,I am living for myself,meme
and that's how condoms work,soccer net full of people,meme
most people have,ah ah moments,I have oh for fuck sake,fuck this shit, moments,meme
so,can we start grabbing pussy yet,or do we wait for him to be sworn in,I'm asking for a friend,trump,make America great again,meme

life is the most difficult exam,many people fail because they try to copy others,not realizing that everyone has a different question paper,meme
I refuse to hate,religious people,atheists, black,white,Asian,Hispanics,trump,Clinton voters,gays,men and women,meme
Canadian border patrol,watching for illegal Americans,man on moose,humor,meme
50 shades is only romantic because he is a billionaire, if he was living in a trailer, it would be a criminal minds episode, meme
when you realize you might have overreacted, shirt covered in blood,meme

how other countries are looking at America right now,da fuck they doing ova there,fat cat looking over snow bank,meme
not my president, you're wrong,Donald trump, meme
before you get on my bad side,you need to know,I will rock that orange jumpsuit,meme
you're only a true 90's kid if you ever heard,get off the internet,I need to use the phone, dialup internet, meme
rioters,4 low,snow 4 high, highway 2 high, 4x4 shifter knob,meme

when you always receive a trophy for just participating, you can't handle what it feels like to lose,meme
found it,needle in a hay stack,meme
just stop with the selfies, meme
dear Friday,I'm so glad we are back together,I'm sorry you had to see me with Monday,Tuesday,but I swear I was thinking about the whole time,meme
talking about our problems is our greatest addiction, break the habit,talk about your joys,meme

message of the day,make yesterday the last day,you spent giving a fuck, about people that don't show you they give a fuck back,meme
no Facebook,I don't want to see what did with my ex 3 years ago,thanks but no thanks,moved on,meme
president obama,the world will miss you,meme
wading through lefist tears like,meme
I left a kenyan passport in your desk,just to fuck with him,Joe,oh and a prayer rug in your bedroom,he's gonna lose it,dammit Joe,humor,meme

when your account name is obamamustgo, and obama is finally going,humor,meme
she said,I normally don't do this,heard that before,meme
I may not go down in history,but,ill go down on you,meme
1944,18year olds storm the beach of normandy into almost certain death,2016,18 year olds need safe place because words hurt their feeling,meme
humor,a risk was calculated, but man I'm bad at math,dog with head stuck in chair,meme

chemistry is you touching my arm,and it setting fire to my mind,meme
in other news,rosie o donnell was seen trying to cross the Canadian border,humor,stuck like chuck,meme
don't stop when you're tired,stop when you're done,never give up,meme
I need some fishing therapy, meme
don't be fooled,people aren't who they post to be,meme

if attacked by a mob of clowns,go for the juggler, humor,meme
this is my safety pin,#safespaces, fire pin from rifle,meme
less political outrage posts,more weed,herb,meme
we can't have a free society until people are free to explore their own minds,meme
most women find it sexy when a man cooks,meme

how to be an adult,pay your bills,don't smoke meth, keep a few close friends,wear deodorant, meme
the only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you,meme
when you stretch,and your inner porn star moan accidentally comes out,meme
my love life be like,something went wrong,please try again,tap to retry, meme
my therapist told me,time heals all wounds,so I stabbed him,now we wait,humor,meme

he caught me cheating,it's his fault for spying on me,dumb bitch, meme
tell me a secret so dirty it turns you on,just to admit it,meme
fire chiefs ex wife house catches fire,chief quoted as saying,well she has a restraining order against me and all my family,and us guys at the fire house are just one big family,meme
gonna start trusting the government, as soon as I fill this bowl up, colander,meme
we can't afford 4 more years of another female president, obama, Clinton,meme

hey you, I love your face,meme
my plan for today,same as always,drink coffee and be sexy,meme
how my cousins think,we make money in America,sweeping money off the streets,humor,not really though,meme
today is a good day,for a good day,meme
pours coconut oil on this election,meme

that moment you realise that hakuna matata, is the pg rated version of I don't give a fuck, meme
we're all bizarre, some of us are just better at hiding it that's all,meme
I don't do well with hints,you're an adult,speak your fucking mind,meme
I can do it a number of ways,straight up,neat,on the rocks,or if you're flexible,with a twist,bartender,meme
I do not have ducks,I do not have a row,I have squirrels, and they're at a rave,meme

me,mom,that new candle smells like fireball, mom,honey,non alcoholics call that cinnamon, meme
16 year old white girl just gets her license, 1 hour later,drives through Starbucks coffee front door,humor,meme
secrets and lies kill relationships, no matter how careful you are,you will get caught,meme will literally send your friends or enemies,a bag of dicks, eat a bag of dicks, meme
I wanna fuck, ing smoke a blunt and drink some wine,I'm done with today,meme

don't let worrying and overthinking kill your happiness,meme
it's officially the season,of hard nipples, meme
never,ever,underestimate the power of a kiss,placed on the back of a woman's neck,meme
now is all you have,school bus,meme
when you get up in the morning,think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive,to breath, to think,to enjoy,to love,then make that day count,meme

my future husband is probably sending some other girl cute goodnight texts,I'm so mad at him,meme
anyone wanna make out,a check to me for 500,000,humor,for real though,meme
I can't wait to never talk to you again,meme
if it's Wednesday,but it's not raining,does that make it,dry hump day,what day is it,meme
we leave our families, to protect yours,blue lives matter,Leo, meme

this will only take an hour,8 hours later,meme
I feel like we're as close as strangers,meme
I don't accept apologies, from repeat offenders, sorry not sorry,meme
when you find someone who is equally as insane as you are,bat shit crazy,meme
bill tried to cheer up Hillary today by reminding her,that nelson mandela, wasn't elected president, until after he served 27 years in prison,Hillary for prison,humor,meme

mechanic lunch,ham,cheese,10w30 oil,tasty,humor,meme
why y'all buying lip gloss from someone who didn't even have lips last year,humor,botox, meme
how I feel right now,cat with head buried in bed,over it,meme
those who did you wrong,have also made you strong,meme
its in the mother fucking banging area,self check out,meme

my ex could downgrade, upgrade, leftgrade, rightgrade,shit take a test and get a rightgrade,I still don't give a fuck, meme
when you hold your fart in for too long, balloon jacket,meme
fresh out of jail,stare pack,meme
dudes love telling a women how they like to see her in,matching bra and panty sets,but be walking around in these,holy underwear, meme
once you stop chasing the wrong things,the right ones catch you,live right,never give up,meme

my ex,me,man pissing over a fence,showering ex girlfriend in piss, meme
have a nice life,I'm done trying to be in it,moving on,meme
how I feel during a cheat meal,young child with spaghetti all over their head and arms,humor,meme
when your dead inside,but you're playing it cool,skeleton smoking a cigarette with sun glasses on,meme
don't end up like this,change your summer air out to winter air,to avoid freezing,humor,don't try this at home,meme

pro tip,keep cake moist by eating it all in one sitting, meme
I don't like it,you don't like anything, I like sleep and you,humor,meme
just because you are right,does not mean,I am wrong,you just haven't seen life from my side,six,nine,meme
I love my curves, my tattoos, my imperfections and my jiggling thighs,no one said you had to,meme
look at him,all peaceful and stress free,lol let me fuck that up,meme

with parent 36 mph,with girlfriend 63 mph,alone 225 mph, odometer,meme
give up your seat to someone,carying something more important,pregnant women,guy that just ate,be a gentleman, meme
bite me,no really, I like it,meme
it's ironic that I mostly use my drivers license, to buy stuff that impairs my ability to drive,meme
someone has grab America by it's pussy, and make it great again,Donald trump, meme

the best view comes after the hardest climb,meme
daffy duck calls the hotel desk & ask for a condom,they ask shall we put this on your bill, he says are u thucking thupid, I'll thuffocate, meme
I hate a get mad an tell yo business ass bitch,meme
this is why I am no longer allowed at nude beaches,foot prints in the sand,dragging penis, meme
friends are therapists you can drink with,meme

dear lol, thanks for being there when I have nothing else to say,meme
he reads my body language when I don't even know I'm talking,meme
this is why we study economics,to understand the importance of resource allocation,hat backwards,sunglasses hanging on shirt,hand over eyes to keep sun out,meme
titanic be like,I nominate all passengers, for the ice bucket challenge,iceberg, meme
what could they really do,if we all decided to,not pay taxes,meme

clown hookers, dear god,take me now,meme
when you stop liking my post,I just assume that you're suckin dick, or back on drugs again,meme
if I text you at 10:30 I expect a reply at 10:29, humor,lmao, hurry up though, meme
if you see a toilet in your dream,do not use it,its a trap,piss the bed,meme
I'm voting for trump,the last Clinton left a bad taste in my mouth, Monica Lewinsky,bill Clinton, humor,meme

have we tried turning the usa off and back on again,reset the united states,start over,meme
fake it till I make it,I'd rather hustle hard and take it,meme
if I like your picture,I probably wanna hit it,just saying,unless you're ugly,then that was an accident, disregard, humor,for real though,meme
when you don't want any neighbours coz you're done with humans,house on an island,meme
I must warn you my thoughts are dangerous and impure,meme

sometimes I sits, when I know I don't fits, cat,meme
I was going to give you a nasty look,but i see you already have one,meme
rules of engagement,at home shoot first ask questions later,at war don't fire unless fired upon,explain this shit, meme
breaking the law,before and after,heroin,cocaine,meth, Hillary Clinton, emails, meme
no pain,no gain,shut up and train,meme

don't fear childbirth,that's the easy part,they don't give you drugs,to get through motherhood, meme
you gonna die,human,humor,turtle, snorkeling,meme
when the lemonade stand didn't work out and they repo the whip,humor,little tykes car,meme
toe-ny,i haven't heard that name in years,cigarette hanging out toes of shoe,meme
roadside sculpture carved by father, who lost his wife,and unborn child to a drunk driver,this is incredible, don't drink and drive,angry,meme

nothing really mattress, couldn't chair less,meme
trying to figure out what she's mad about this time,rubix cube,meme
how much can't could a white girl can't,if a white girl literally couldn't even,humor,I'll wait,meme
reasons I'm late,I have kids,I try to take them places,they are disorganized travelers, who are constantly losing shit and needing to pee, humor,meme
when your friends told you to catch flights not feelings,but they gave you shit advice,plane window not secured, meme

when your pimp hand,ain't what it use to be,meme
mom is going to be so happy when she sees the tank full,water in gas tank,kids filling with water hose,humor,meme
whenever there is a big story in the media,look for the story they are trying to distract you from,meme
when your getting ready to go out,but you don't know what to wear,Michel Jackson, humor,meme
fuck that shit, is a perfectly acceptable replacement for the word,no,meme

smart kid,school days,great answers,stumped the teacher,smart ass kid,meme
once you hate someone,everything they do is,offensive, look at this bitch, eating those crackers,like she own the place,meme
let's agree to disagree,because you're too fucking stupid,to understand me,meme
no matter where you are right now,you've just got to trust and believe that,everything will work out,put one foot in front of the other,keep moving forward,meme
bruh shoes,is longer than a Monday,Monday suck,humor,meme

nope,fuck the ball,I just saw a fin, humor,meme
I told you so,sincerely, your gut instincts, meme
you hear, but are you listening, you exist,but are you living,you look,but do you see,meme
let's be nothing,heard it last forever,make the best of life,meme
fuck yo birthday nigga,humor,for real though, meme

ladies if you look like this,putting flowers on your head,don't really make a difference, the Gremlins,meme
all 4 call trump,unfit,all 4 of these attorneys have lost their license to practice law,Michelle, obama,Hillary bill Clinton,meme
we live in a strange world,where the poor walk miles to get food,the rich walk miles to digest food,feed the hungry,greedy, meme
if you're gonna act like a little shit, I'm gonna treat you like a little shit, kid with a toilet plunger stuck to his back,humor,meme
effort is the most precious thing, that a girl wishes to feel,meme

every day I smile and act like nothing's wrong,its called putting everything aside and simply being strong,meme
don't disturb my life,if you not ready to build,down for whatever,meme
sorry,the fuck I once gave has expired, no fucks given, meme
these clowns are getting out of hand,Hillary Clinton, meme
men and women are like checkers and chess,same game board,but two very different games,meme

happy people focus on what they have,unhappy people focus on what's missing,meme
when you open the door for the pizza man,fogged out,smoky room,strange clouds,fire fighter,meme
I don't kiss ass, I don't prove myself,and I don't gas egos, I will compliment the fuck outta you the second it comes in my mind,i will let you know when you got it fucked up in the game,meme
I just wanted to let you know,if you're feeling down and need someone,I'll always be here for you,only on Facebook though,don't call me,or come to my house with that shit, meme
it's a bend me over the edge of the bed,and make me like it kinda day,meme

I just want to lay on your chest,and listen to your heartbeat,meme
dame internet, kids won't come out anymore,clowns,meme
goggle turned 18 a few days ago,which means we've been asking very inappropriate questions to someone underage all these years,Google,humor,all grown up,meme
have a deliciously naughty weekend,meme
autocorrect makes me say things,i didn't nintendo, meme

how I sleep knowing I'm single and in a relationship, meme
going out for an innocent dinner,with your ex, guillotine, Men's urinal,humor,meme
independent party announces new candidate coming late into the election, larack tobama, humor,meme
hay gurl, you must be cinderella,cause I see that dress disappearing at midnight,humor,pick up line,meme
when he's deadass and you deadass so ya just deadass together,meme

someone find out what highlighter this horse uses,humor,beautiful coat,meme
show me a man who has no enemies,and ill show you a man who's never stood for shit it,meme
now that is romantic,polk county style,Florida,cross roads, ankle monitors, meme
breaking news,new evidence young trump pulled little beckys pony tail, trump must drop out of race,humor,digging up dirt,meme
nothing quite like sitting in front of a bonfire,and watching the evidence burn,meme

when u come home after a long night of drinking and you gotta concentrate on keeping the world from rotating, meme
the internet is a lot like ancient Egypt,people write on walls,and worship cats,meme
you're ridiculous, and by that I mean we are going to be best friends,meme
speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret,meme
when you pretend to be shocked by drama,but you lowkey live for it,tell me more,meme

a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking,because her trust is not on the branch,but on it's own wings,always believe in yourself,meme
I want to start using more 90s teen movie insults,cancel my subscription, I'm over your issues,meme
if it's dirty,kinky, naughty,messy or just plain wrong,I want it,meme
this is basically how hard my ex downgraded, smart phone,Nokia phone,humor,meme
I'm not feeling myself today,can I feel you,humor,feel them up,meme

sexting, its allmfun and games until you almost text your mother, choke me with your cock, and cum down my throat, humor,oops, meme
think positive, and positive things will happen,meme
I love it when you call me baby,meme
I ain't a killer but don't push me,revenge is like the sweetest joy,next to grabbing pussy, humor,Donald trump,meme
if you have crazy friends,you have everything,meme

can we start the weekend over,I wasn't ready,meme
hope your birthday is as gay as you,humor,meme
I like weed,I love weed,I'm smoking weed,i ran out of weed,I miss weed,they smoked without me,Facebook like buttons,meme
happy birthday big boy,humor,elderly lady,meme
when I look back at my life,I see pain,mistakes and heart ache,when I look in the mirror,I see strength,learned lessons and pride in myself,meme

someone actually carries these stickers around just for this,parking spots are like underwear,really just for one person,taking up two parking spots,learn how to drive,meme
some people need to, watch their tongue,cut it,meme
when trump sits next to you on the bus,but can't grab you by the pussy, legs wrapped around each other,humor,meme
omg, you got money,I fucking love you,now you are mine forever,meme
the road may not always be straight, winding road,meme

this is how females be when they get a new pair of yoga pants,humor,meme
saw a group of people jogging outside which inspired me to get up,and close the blinds,meme
I have never been groped by the,Donald trump, but I have been screwed by,barack obama, meme
how to trick an idiot,watch this,press play,meme
when you text him,I love you,and he replies, I'm getting married,drinking bleach,angry,heart broken,meme

how do I like my eggs,umm,in a cake,meme
if someone holds eye contact with you for longer than 3 seconds, make sure you urinate to establish dominance, humor,meme
at times I wish I had a clone,but then I realize, I could never live with that asshole, meme
grab her by the,never mind,Bruce, Caitlyn Jenner,humor,meme
when a woman treats a man like a king,a man treats a woman like a queen,they make one hell of a team,meme

Monday hit me like,Willie Monroe Jr, world champion boxer, meme
see that over there son,that was once America,but now it's just a bunch of sissies, afraid to hurt each others feelings,meme
when you're drunk af and start being friends with everyone,dog jumping with dolphins, meme
she's doing all the driving,im just the one behind the wheel,back seat drivers,meme
I hate it when I see some old person and then realize we went to high school together,meme

when ur dude ain't acting right,but you u aren't even tripping,bcs u got a whole roster on ice,meme
Sundays,sleep until you're hungry,then eat until you're sleepy,meme
guy,you're acting crazy,what is your problem, me,u are my problem, meme
how I'm dealing with life,vacuum in fire,on fire,fml, meme
life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you,have fun and give them something to talk about,meme

just another morning waking up without head,meme
he looks at me like his cock, is already inside me,meme
two types of people who can't look at you in the eyes,someone trying to hind a lie,and someone trying to hide a love,meme
Kim kardashian, held at gun point in Paris,media frenzy,pentagon caught paying pr firm 540$ million to make fake terrorist videos,media silence,meme
you don't truly know a woman until you understand every word she isn't saying to you,meme

in an unforeseen turn of events,it is actually the anaconda who's got the buns,hun, meme
when you pull up to work,and the building still standing,cute puppy,mean face,meme
please walk the line sir,I swear to god officer,yesterday was leg day,meme
we don't eat gluten, dairy,eggs or nuts,what do you recommend we get,the fuck out,meme
today is national tacos day,it is also tacos Tuesday,this is it people,this is what we've trained for,meme

hurricane precautions, safety first,tie straps over roof of house,humor,meme
damaged people fuck, laugh and drink harder,meme
create a life that feels good on the inside,not one that just looks good on the outside,meme
daaaaamn girrrl, are you a smoke detector, cause you're annoying and won't shut the fuck up,meme
the older I get,the more I appreciate being home,doing absolutely nothing,meme

if you can't fly with the big girls,stay off the broom,humor,meme
I'm not arguing with anyone who I can't have makeup sex with,meme
assumption is the mother of all fuck ups, meme
when someone tells me to clean up my language,big street sweeper, meme
don't let your food get cold,worrying about what's on my plate,do you,I'll do me,meme

whatever happens,happens,don't stress,meme
if you still look cute at the end of your workout,you didn't train hard enough,meme
can someone explain to me again,why trump wants to build a wall,Mexican,venezuela, Dominican,beautiful women,meme
this could be bus,but you plane,plane looks like a bus,meme
the only thing I throwback on a Thursday,is a glass of wine,meme

how I feel next to my friends,sun bathing, pig,bbw, meme
better days are coming,they are called,Saturday and Sunday, weekend,meme
do all things with kindness you fucker, meme
my favorite color is no pants,free balling, meme
yes,I have a retirement plan,I'll be boating,,meme

life without coffee is like something without something,sorry,I haven't had any coffee yet,meme
coffee, you're on the bench,alcohol, suit up,meme
I woke up,wanting to kiss you,meme
baby unicorn is adding rainbows to my coffee,he's such a badass, meme
I need coffee,dog passed out,falling off porch,meme

you're interesting and you're different and I like that,meme
you know what's sexy,a good dad,meme
relax,nothing is under control,meme
money,haven't heard that name in years,cigarette hanging out of wallet,meme
I have three moods,what the fuck, are you fucking kidding me,fuck this,meme

they should rename the hurricane,Ryan tannehill, that way it would miss everything,humor,meme
living your life,if your not getting taken away in an ambulance with sparkle panties,oompa loompas, and two crying Easter bunnies, you're just not living your life,meme
bitchcraft, the art of pissing people off,by telling them the truth,meme
96% of women become sexually aroused,after touching a man's beard,meme
I heard you like paintings,so I painted a painting of a painting,painting a painter around a painting,humor,great painting,meme

I'll ride with you through the bullshit, as long as you don't bullshit me,meme
bitches be quick to judge a changed man who has a hoe past,but be quick as hell to fuck drake or trey songz if they had the chance,meme
70s babies, 80s babies,90s babies,how times changed,meme
oh,hello Friday,you sexy beast,meme
tetris taught me that when you try to fit in,you'll disappear,meme

hello October,meme
how you act when bae says they need space,tape measure, humor,meme
visits Florida for the first time,hurricane, meme
you pizza shit, meme
work smarter,not harder,turtle riding skate board, meme

you must be the change,you want to see,in the world,meme
sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream,no one can see but you,meme
entrepreneur, idea today business +1 month,wantrepreneur, idea today idea today+1 month,meme
humble because I know where I started,meme
in middle school,we didn't screen shot,we put em on 3-way and muted the phone,meme

if you were my husband id poison your coffee,if you were my wife I'd drink it,meme
cancer is an ugly word,with a scary meaning,but you kick ass and are brave,and awesome & will fight it with your super powers,meme
things may come to those who wait,but only the things left by those who hustle,meme
set a good example no matter how difficult it is,be kind no matter how unkind others are,together we can make the world a better place,good morning,meme
who used to pull for no reason,smart source,coupon dispenser, meme

scars are stories that our lives have written on our skin,gareth egan, meme
hello sweater weather,meme
a dirty mind is a wonderful thing,especially in a woman,if she has the courage to match it,she is endlessly fascinating,meme
relationship status,just sent myself a, goodnight,text,humor,meme
I'm not as naughty as you think,I'm way worse,meme

when your kids ask you for help,with their homework,but you didn't know it either,meme
associate with some,but trust none,one man band,meme
if we're dating I will make it my job to make you as horny as possible in really awkward situations, meme
happy Thursday,sorry,but im saving my woo hoo, for Friday,meme
cnn just announced,Hillary won the next debate,meme

one foot in the grave,girl bye, prosthetic leg,meme
honk for trump,drive into a tree for Hillary,bumper sticker,meme
you never know how nasty a shy girl is,until she's yours,meme
when you're a couple days late & feeling a little bloated so you decide to take a pregnancy test,nah just fat,meme
clown hunting permit,no banging limit, no tagging required,meme

Thursday,or as I like to call it,day four of the hostage situation,work sucks,meme
whoever is trying to bring you down,is already below you,meme
hurricane season,better recognize we ready,rifle,chainsaw, meme
don't underestimate me,I know more than i say,think more than I speak,& notice more than you realize,meme
good old days,when common sense prevailed,time magazine 1956,teaching firearm safety in the classroom,meme

dear life,whatever,motherfucker, whatever,over it,meme
chicks be like,I'm looking right tonight,girl,you looking left too,lazy eye,humor,feeling myself,meme
this is an antidepressant, outdoors,this is shit, pills,when you share this meme someone you know with depression realizes they cannot trust you,meme
when your friends ask if you wanna get drunk and go out hoeing tonight,Jesus fucking yellow penguins yes,meme
when you don't get paid until Friday,but you're out of weed,I'm not gay,but 20$ is $20,humor,meme

when people act friendly but you know what they really are,snake,meme
what we all want in life,to travel,fall in love,and be happy,meme
hello October,meme
id rather be low key progressing, than in the spotlight losing,meme
when u slide in her dm's,and get absolutely fucking shredded,cheese grader, humor,meme

my face when someone says,they don't do Halloween, mask,meme
when somebody asks me some basic shit,they should already know,fucking Google it,meme
leave the past where it belongs,foot prints in the sand,beach scenery, meme
when they know you'll settle for less,don't expect to get more,meme
don't diss the caterpillar then sweat the butterfly,meme

hurricane Matthew 2016,we will rebuild,a rake,bag of leaf,nothing serious here,meme
the only things in my house that aren't dusty,are my coffee cups,meme
favorite nursery rhyme,freebird, simple man,baby,Jim beam,cigarette hanging out of babys mouth,meme
everyone is gluten free,until the hurricane arrives,empty store shelfs, meme
original Florida storm shelter,palm hut,meme

when there's only one left and you take care of it like if it was a baby,hair tie,last one out of 1000,meme
people think I go out of my way to piss them off,trust me,it's not out of my way at all,meme
it's Friday fuckers, meme
her, come thru,me,bitch a hurricane about to hit,her,parents already evacuated, I'm home alone,only car on the freeway headed back into town,humor,meme
when you promised him that you would stop acting crazy,but he keeps trying you,meme

I tried,really I did,but I'm back on my shit, meme
useless shit in 2016,floppy disk,payphones, vcr's,49ers, disposal cameras,presidential candidates,meme
guy dresses himself as delivery man,to hand deliver his resume disguised as a box of donuts,most resumes end up in trash,mine,in your belly,meme
equality, equity, equality is giving people the same thing/s,equity is fairness in every situation, illustration of men and stepping blocks,meme
when ya girl catch u cheating,police pulling dog out of sewer drain by the ear,humor,busted,meme

when you get up after spending forty-six minutes on the toilet looking at memes, meme
he's 24 months old,2 your child is 2, meme
teachers be like,no I didn't get your email,Hillary Clinton mask,meme
ever consider a three way,electrical plugs,humor,meme
plenty of fish in the sea,but I'm looking for a dolphin still,meme

measuring cough syrup when you're sick,day 1, day 2, lil Wayne,meme
I like my women,how I like my glasses,sitting on my face,meme
stop being so stubborn,you can't always get your way,its not always about you,lose the attitude, no,meme
music,volume turned up,porn,volume at 3%,meme
one day you will experience a love,that your ex said didn't exist,ex,meme

when you try on your friends glasses n realise their vision is nonexistent, cat looking through fish bowl,meme
me,I'm sick of letting them walk all over me,them, hey,me,under welcome mat,humor,meme
if American women are so outraged at trumps use of naughty words,who in the hell bought 80 million copies of,50 shades of grey,I'll wait,take your time,meme
who signed the permission slip for this one,bus,nude girls,sex show,meme
when you see someone so in love on fb,after dating for two weeks,for the 3rd time this year,humor,meme

say when,when,wine,filled to the top,meme
when your boyfriend wants to facetime, but you just took your make up off,cat looking crazy,meme
putting ketchup on your steak,should also affect your credit score,humor,to much sauce,meme
people have to pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about the things they did to you,god forbid they be accountable for their bullshit, meme
thick thighs,thin patience, meme

I don't hate you,I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you said you'd never be,meme
do what ever floats your boat,as long as it doesn't sink mine,meme
when there's a hurricane woman@ 9 a party @ 9:30, flippers with heals, meme
a woman has one boy she will never lose feelings for,her son,endless love,meme
sorry vs I'm sorry,night vs good night,bye vs goodbye,love you vs I love you,all have two different meanings,meme

I just wish someone loved me as much as this cat loves strawberries, parrot and watermelon,humor,meme
sometimes your humbleness makes people forget how true of a savage you are inside,meme
Donald trump grabbed me,right in the pussy, obama, meme
so trump was talking like, a guy,in a private conversation 11 years ago,but did anyone die,because I'm pretty sure people died waiting for Clinton to do her job,meme
until you've lived my life,walked my path,suffered my pain,and seen what I've seen,I could care less about your judgments,meme

they can find an audio recording of two men in 2005 talking about a vagina, but can't find 33,000 deleted e mails from Hillary Clinton containing government information,but that's none of my business, Kermit,meme
when ya momma know she about to hit the brakes hard,but she swear that hand can save you,meme
I like doing hoodrat stuff with my friends,meme
real men open doors for ladies,false,real men drive jeeps with no doors,meme
it's funny how you never cared to put yourself in my shoes until you saw me walking in louboutins, meme

I don't know where all this crap about being a difficult person is coming from,I'm a constant fucking delight,meme
hennything can happen at karaoke and chill,meme
Sunday rule,can't reach it,don't need it,meme
you're retarded if you go back to him,ill be that,meme
finally setting down to my vegan, gluten free,soy free,antibiotics free,raw,gmo, organic, fat free,low carb meal,meme

eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be,meme
let life surprise you,meme
if you have a family that loves you,a few good friends,food on our table and a roof over your head,you are richer than you think,meme
if I'm important,then fucking make me important,meme
life is always rocky when you're a gem,meme

when brad looks nothing like his profile pic,blow up doll,meme
tell a woman you're under 6ft,she start imaging stuff like this,meme bag of turkey,humor,meme
wok of flocka, meme
jimbo lets get you some ice cream,can I have sprinkles, sprinkles are for winners,seminole hater, meme
female mood,in one picture,rainbow with lightening,meme

happy birthday,m&'s,meme
everything I like is either expensive, illegal or doesn't text back,the struggle is real,meme
it's so funny how the people who know the least about you,have the most to say,meme
today is national,I don't feel like doing shit, day,plan accordingly, meme
I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met,meme

you claim your man is faithful,my inbox determines that was a lie,this tea tho,Kermit, meme
kids can smell the games on your phone,meme
I don't have an accent,y'all do,meme
mayhem in 3 2 1,  red laser pointer on dogs head,cat looking about to jump on dogs head,meme
she loves a gentleman, but she craves a savage,meme

well he owns a fucken dodge,so I had to mcstomp his mcbitchass, Ronald McDonald,humor,meme
I'm so old,I remember when water was free,and you had to pay for porn,humor,meme
when your friends,want you to take them shooting,bullets ain't free,meme
does this paint make my ass look big,shut the fuck up Carl,war paint,freedom,meme
how NY niggas ask for head,oral b toothbrush, meme

show me don't tell me,meme
a salty pirate, needs a beautiful mermaid, meme
me trying to take myself to the gym,skid marks in yard,drag me,not going,meme
I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile,then walk into a pole,humor,meme
apparently you can only say,look at you,you got so big,to children,old girlfriends tend to get offended, humor,meme

when you're mad at someone you love,be careful what you say,because your mind gets angry,but your heart still cares,truth, your tongue,meme
mondays would be better at the beach,meme
I would still be alive,if I donated to the Clinton foundation, Osama bin Laden,meme
life is too short to worry about what others say or think about you,have fun and give them something to talk about,meme
friendship isn't about who you've known the longest,its about who walked into your life,said I'm here for,and proved it,show me,meme

caption this,dog,peanut, hat,sitting in chair layed back,meme
you can all come out now,I've had my coffee,humor,meme
fuck excuses,learn to admit when you fuck up,meme
excuse me,I'm about to go masturbate, can I have a name to go with the face,meme
the best sign of a healthy relationship, is no sign of it on Facebook,meme

single doesn't have to mean lonely,single simply means,I'm resting my heart,until its ready to love again,meme
I'm not sure about an inner child,but I have an inner idiot that surfaces every now and then,meme
stop bitching, Monday comes every week b,meme
stop means stop,unless you're stupid,then it means attack,shoot fight,bite,resist or. punch and that my friend will get you shot,grady judd, polk county Florida sheriff,meme
may you have all the joy your heart can hold on your special day,many blessings,meme

my doctor says I need glasses,wine glasses,meme
we all have that one co-worker that's like this with the boss,head stuck up dogs butt, humor,kiss ass, meme
nothing loses my interest faster than somebody lying to me,meme
there's no such thing as a perfect birthday pr--, pizza tied to helium balloons,meme
when we get to the end of our lives together,the house we had,the cars we drove,the things we possessed won't matter,what will matter,is that,I had you,and you had me,meme

this guy dresses up as his mom to buy alcohol, genus, smart kid,mad dog 20/20,meme
sunsets,& palm trees, meme
well played,mystery, library books,all turned wrong way,meme
I literally just hit a fork in the road,fork stuck in car tire,meme
if you don't build your dreams,someone will hire you to help build theirs,meme

touch me without using your hands,meme
fake tan,fake boobs, fake nails,fake hair,tell me aging how you want a real man,I'm so very interested, meme
I'm not gonna lie,I could use your help,but I'm also aware of the fact that I got myself into this mess,small dog stuck between chain link fence and green cover cloth, meme
when you wake up in the middle of the night after sleeping on your hand,feels like it's on fire,meme
not giving a fuck is an art,grinding sparks hitting cutting touch tanks,meme

apologies don't mean anything if you keep doing what you're sorry for,meme
everyone else is out looking for pokemon,im sitting here like,is it November yet,nintendo video game console,meme
fuck ike turner, you know how I get down,oj Simpson,humor,meme
dress for the job you want,not the job you have,meme
be rational,get real,meme

where animal crackers really come from,meme
mom brushed your hair she also brushed your ears,forehead,& neck with this,hairbrush, meme
so,you sat there and just told me everybody's personal business,and now you ask me how I'm doing,hell, I'm fabulous and yourself, meme
you don't know my story,you only know the page you met me on,meme
twinkle twinkle little snitch, mind your business you nosey bitch, meme

how much better would life be if a liars pants really did catch fire,meme
dishes we meet again you dirty bastards, meme
to all u who didn't get that good morning text,get yo ugly ass up & get to work,humor,meme
no you don't miss me,you're just bored,meme
my girlfriend wanted to have conversation about me being too childish, but she didn't know the password to get in,pillow fort, meme

when you tell someone you're on the way,and still have to wait outside when you get there,meme
the best personnel ask about me,is me,I can't stand a, I heard person,meme
when your wife asks you to make a grocery list,beer,stuff that goes with beer,meme
I need a hug,huge amount of money,meme
quick,which,one is a bb gun,oops,too late, you're dead,pistol,meme

stranger,nice to meet you,me,give it time,meme
I am normal,I belong to a specialized class of enlightened individuals that seek and spread knowledge,meme
if you get no text messages when they're drunk,you aint it,pack it up,meme
on a scale of 1-10,how bad do you want to smoke a blunt right now,11,humor,stoned,blowed out,high, meme
dream it,wish it,do it,meme

it's my birthday bitches, meme
if you ever need a slightly distracted unsympathetic friend,I'm here for you,humor,for real though,meme
when asked what I did over the weekend,I reply, why,what did you hear,monkey smoking a cigarette,humor,meme
I give a fuck, I give lots of fucks, actually,I'm a prostitute of feeling,meme
because sometimes,you need that lure out there a little further,jeep in water,meme

man takes a knee,they riot,man takes a bullet,they quiet,meme
I thought about quitting, then I noticed who was watching,meme
I'm worried that I've already met my soul mate,and that I probably told them to fuck off,meme
wanna keep your girl,respect her,care for her,love her,text her first,make sure she knows how you feel about her,and never lie,meme
nice underwear,well that's not creepy at all, doormat,meme

when you come home,and everything you own,is in a box to the left,jay z,humor,meme
I need to wash my hair,but I'm not mentally prepared to dry it,meme
when you wish nigga would,goats surrounded by crocodiles,meme
whenever I don't have a case on my phone,I always think,look at me,living on the edge,meme
I need to hire someone who will follow me around,and just knock the unhealthy food out of my hand,meme

I have mixed drinks, about feelings,meme
beep beep,I'm a milk truck,go home bessi, you're drunk,dairy cow with head in little car,humor,meme
no,its not water,you seem to be retaining food,humor,meme
my nickname is mom,but my full name is,mom mom mom mom mom mom,humor,meme
we asked papa johns to write joke on the box,what do pizza delivery and gynocologist have in common,they both have to smell it but neither of them gets to eat it,meme

cool if I park here,yeaman shore, humor,meme
when that henny hit and she turn from a 6 to a 9,drake, meme
time exposes weak bonds,meme
just cause I post freak shit, doesn't mean I want random sex,meme
the only way to stop racism,it to get rid of color,meme

this cat gets all the chicks,meme
sometimes the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut & your eyes open,the truth always comes out in the end,meme
college oreos,weed and cup of noodles,stone,muchies, meme
waking up for work like,alarmclock,me,knocked out,dizzy,meme
just hit the ducks dumbass, I'll find them,hunting dog,meme

john cena wakes up from coma,where am I,nurse,icu, no you don't,can't see me,meme
I have absolutely no desire to fit in,meme
my head says go to work,my heart says go fishing,meme
don't leave your kids unattended, kid sucking on mannequin breast,humor,meme
predator face,way better than duck face,meme.

sorry,but I don't listen to anti gun lectures from people,who think it's ok to kill a baby, meme
until I get married,my relationship status is fuckin, meme
just because a woman likes your picture or your status on social media,does not mean she wants to see picture of your wiener, dick pics,meme
my git up and go,dun gone and went,humor,lazyness, meme
no matter how much you revisit the past,there's nothing new to see,meme

dont hide your true self,you never know who may be out there looking for exactly who you are,be yourself,meme
do not ever underestimate my ability to find shit out,meme
warning,I steal pics, so if I like your shit, I'm stealing your shit and it ain't shit you can do about it,p.s. this pic is stolen too,meme
in every success story,you will find someone who has made a courageous decision,meme
me after doing 1 out of the 20 things im supposed to do,napping,lazy,knocked out,passed out,meme

I hope you find the happiness you've been pretending to have,meme
sometimes u just gotta sit back and see shit 4 what it really is,meme
lets make all guns look like giant dildos, I promise u gun violence drops 90%,meme
destroy racism,be like a panda,he's black,he's white,he's Asian,humor,meme
be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody,meme

if he'll cheat with you,he'll cheat on you,cheers,meme
roses are red,fire is hot,getting played by somebody's dusty ass son,I think the fuck not,meme
putting shit on the back burner,won't make it go away,meme
I don't understand,I thought we killed everyone that had dirt on us,Hillary Clinton,meme
when you walk up to opportunities door,don't knock,kick that bitch in but,smile & introduce yourself,meme

if she makes you feel a mixture of dame,she turns me on the& my god,this woman is going to kill me,more than likely,she's the 1, meme
this is why,we can't have nice things,obama, meme
nobody cleans a house faster,than a man expecting to get laid,humor,meme
guns don't keep us safe,turn them in,Hillary Clinton,fine,then disarm your security. ,trump,wants to assassinate me,meme
I'll talk to anybody,because I'm cool like that,but I don't fuck with just anybody,Teresa difference, meme

tits too big for this bullshit, lingerie,meme
the hacker was so disappointed in my bank account,he started a go fund me page,meme
when it's karaoke night,and you're about to show your friends why they should have left you home,meme
there is always one person in a relationship who loves more,cares more,cries more,gets hurt more and even forgives more,meme
happiest day of my life,that's me in the back,meme

the invention of the word boob, top view,front view,side view,meme
if a guy has a foot fetish and cheats on his wife,does it mean he got off on the wrong foot,humor,meme
when you realize you haven't done your homework,sleeping peacefully, meme
I am worthy of so much more than what I stared to settle for,meme
we go together like fuck and you,humor,meme

silence says a lot more than you think,meme
I've been calling you all day,that's a calculator, meme
if he says he's, hung like a horse,it's probably a my little pony,meme
there isn't a person you wouldn't love if you could read their story,meme
you put skies in my veins,and clouds in my head,meme

just in case a nigga try to hit me wit some draw 4s,pistol on table,game of uno, meme
me getting through Wednesday,humor,meme
wash & vacuum,senior citizens,15.95$ ,took out of context,meme
people are capable, at any time of their lifes, of doing what they dream of,meme
offer me something i cannot find in myself,meme

it's better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction, do what you feel is right,meme
if you're reading this,we're now in a relationship, love you babe,meme
white people barbecue, cooler filled with boiled eggs,cheese,meme
your private conversations with your friends should be about health,wealth,and progressing your kingdom,if it's about other people and how they are living,you need new friends,meme
I think my problem is that I'm too advanced mentally for my age,I be expecting people to be on my level and get mad when they not,meme

body type,works out but definitely likes ice cream,meme
I don't diet,I just eat according to my goals,stay fit,eat right,meme
in the end,we only regret the chances we didn't take,meme
I'm single because my city believes in,side bitches, side niggas and sharing,meme
this ain't no beer belly,its a full tank for a fishing machine,meme

life has never given me lemons,it has given me anger issues,anxiety attacks,a love of alcohol and a serious dislike for stupid motherfuckers,meme
be careful of people,not everyone you hang with is your friend,some peoples friendship to you is more poisonous than the venom of a snake,meme
girls wearing jordans, timbs, and snap backs,dudes wearing tights,skinny jeans,this shit ain't what usher meant by,trading places,humor,act right,meme
when atm's have more features than the new iphone 7, auxiliary jack,meme
didn't care yesterday,don't give a shit today,probably won't give a fuck tomorrow, frog,meme

when someone tells you a secret you already know,and you gotta act surprised, meme
can we just admit,we may have taken this,anyone can grow up to be president,thing just a bit too far,humor,meme
I may be a bad girl,but I'm a dame good woman,meme
rip the dinosaurs,can't believe it's 65 million years already,always in my thoughts,meme
having plans sounds like a good idea,until you have to put on clothes and leave your house,meme

are you paranoid, yes/no,why,meme
want to stop the riots, play the national anthem on loop,they'll all sit down,meme
got another love letter,from my ex,restraining order,humor,meme
the bank said I should bring proof of residence, pushing shed down road,meme
a photograph Is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you,the less you know,meme

edit your life frequently and ruthlessly, its your masterpiece after all,meme
I'm attracted to your rawness, your unguarded Way of living,there's life in that,meme
be bold,do what the ordinary fear,meme
how I look taking off a wet sports bra,after a workout,straight jacket,humor,lmao, meme
please don't let the cat out,no matter what it tells you,help cat needs air,

don't give up,one day you will look back and be glad you didn't,meme
if I like you,you're special,because I fucking hate everyone,meme
don't stress the could haves,if it should have,it would have,meme
when ur friend texts u,how you feeling,knowing dame well they bought u 10 shots last night,middle finger to the sky, meme
what ever you decide to do,make sure it makes you happy,meme

when I move on,I move tf on,I'd rather crawl to my future,than run back to my past,meme
relationship status, the fuck you looking at,humor,meme
this button,is not an,oh shit it's raining,button,hazards, flashing lights,meme
people will feel some type of way towards you,and let everyone know but you,meme
my mom worked way too hard for me to not be great,meme

when opportunity knocks, know when to open the door,meme
radio stations be like,u like that song,well let me play it 800 fucking times,until hate it,meme
I'm so tired,my tired is tired,meme
meanwhile reese witherspoon's daughter is,reese witherspoon, look a like,meme
when she's twerking and you see her kids name on her back,meme

it's not called being whipped,it's called having respect for your girlfriend,meme
girl,but if i life weights,I'll look like a man,omg like eww, I'm just gonna run on the treadmill k,I'll ne back. when you're mature,cheese roll,meme
I am in the process of positive changes,meme
I win because I deserve it,meme
Chris brown pulled a gun on me,police,we need evidence,girl,I'm white,say no more,humor,meme

you may not always end up where you thought you were going,but you will end up where you are meant to be,meme
I think I love the rain,because I am a mermaid who lives too far from the ocean,meme
where did all your money go,weed,Mr bean,meme
watches top chef once,humor,gold fish,meme
you don't have to buy me a thing,just be there when I need you,and don't make me look stupid,it's that simple,meme

don't knock on my door saying trick or treat,you better say,chicken or beef,cause I'm handing out noodles,humor,eat up,meme
boyfriend & boy friend,you see that little space,that's called the friend zone,meme
I like being high,fuck your judgments, meme
the worst feeling isn't being lonely, it's being forgotten,meme
when you see a spider on the floor, Gravitron fair rides,meme

oh you are dating my ex,cool,I'm eating a pizza,want those leftovers too,meme
but but but they gave me, the cheapest quote,bridge Construction, Bridges don't line up,meme
isn't it funny that people get mad at you just because you are enjoying life,meme
Hillary sucks,but not like Monica, humor,meme
helped dad work on his car,learned 3 new cuss words,humor,meme

I love it when my pills kick in,meme
I'm ready for summer,meme
any place you see this,stand under them,and poke with a stick,and hundreds of pokemon will appear,hornets hive,meme
food digger, a female that dates, establishes and maintains relationships with sole purpose to eat,and get food at someone else's expense, meme
if we wait until we're ready,we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives,meme

do a flip you pussy, pier pressure, long pier,meme
they say the best revenge is massive success,oh look what I just got,helicopter, meme
thank you for the pain it made me raise my game,meme
me trying to get a handle on my life,frozen car door handle,broke off,humor,meme
make America great again,meme

life tip,your current situation isn't your final destination, meme
rare photos of me jumping to conclusions, meme
interviewer, so tell me about yourself,me,I'd rather not,I kinda want this job,humor,meme
put your conference in the lord,meme
when I is replaced with we,even illness becomes wellness,Malcolm x,meme

it's Friday,the only decision you need to make,is bottle or glass,beer me,wine,meme
respect tonal the cops, who have lost their job standing up to corruption in their departments, blue live matter,meme
have you ever listened to someone for a while and wondered, who ties your shoelaces for you,meme
I don't always fart in front of her,but when I do,she's gone with the wind,meme
I can't decide if people who wear pajamas in public have given up on life, or if they're living it to the fullest,humor,for real though,meme

you are so used to your features,you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger, meme
I kissed a lineman &I liked it,power company,keeping the lights on,meme
today is April fool's day,believe nothing and trust no one,just like any other day,meme
when you look back at some of the people you were in a relationship with,throw up in mouth,humor,meme
allow your passion to become your purpose,and it will one day become your profession,meme

poll,weed more popular than all 2016 candidates, weed for president,meme
Hillary supporters are like Christmas lights,they all hang together,half of them don't work,and the ones that do,aren't that bright,humor,true story, meme
one day im going to judge a spelling bee,ill ask one of the kids to spell the word,there,when he ask for it in a sentence, ill say,their charms parked over there and they're late,dead wrong,funny though,meme
people having babies,and I'm like,what country am I going to next,travel the world,meme
women wear yoga pants because,men don't stare at their personality, meme

don't keep calm,punch that cunt in the throat,meme
I'm attracted to older men,one hundred dollar bill,fifty,twenty,meme
I am not buying your bs Hillary,I read your emails,lock her up,meme
cleaning with music on/off,windex, getting things done,meme
first female ref,throws a flag for something that happened 3 years ago,humor,old shit, let it go,meme

free cage to good home,husband outgrew it,got bigger one for him,also suitable for mother in law,animal crate,meme
seems legit, butthole brown,crayola crayon, meme
bitches be like,just waking up,nofilter, dog with a wig on,humor,meme
my backup plan is just my original plan,but with more alcohol, drink up,meme
just choked on an apple seed,this is what I get for trying to eat healthy, reeses peanut butter cups don't pull this shit, meme

if your phone doesn't ring,its me,meme
collegiate novelties,buy 1 get 1 50% off,Florida gators bumper tag,humor,meme
true friendship isn't about being inseparable,its being separated inseparable and nothing changes,meme
a gentle man never insults his lady,not even as a joke,man up,meme
if I woke up in the morning and nothing hurt,i would think I was dead,much to young,to feel this dame old,meme

what's 4 inches long,two inches wide,and drives women crazy,that dame empty toilet paper roll,again,meme
I am not a one in a million kind of girl,I am a once in a lifetime kind of a woman,meme
maybe money doesn't buy happiness,but I'm accepting donations to test that theory, meme
always remember you're someone's reason to smile,because you're a joke,meme
I picked a useless college major that'll never let me pay off my student loans,so like now I'm totally socialist, because it's rich people's fault that I'm poor,meme

opinions are like kids,nobody gives a fuck about yours,except you,meme
its not always men who don't know when they have someone good,some women don't either,meme
what happened to number 1, unsinkable 2,boat,meme
sometimes,even after all these years,I wake up and look overt my wife sleeping peacefully beside me and think,man is she lucky, humor,feeling myself,meme
if I can't depend on you,I simply don't need you,meme

what a genius,sleeping in class,painted picture of self,meme
redneck leaf blower,stand fan,doing work,meme
I'm just allergic to trump,Hillary,you're the virus,I'm the cure,meme
if a relationship doesn't make you a better person,it's the wrong one,meme
the cable company told me they would send a guy out and I need to be home between the hoursmof 1:00 pm and 2017,meme

don't waste one minute not being happy,if one window closes,run to the next window,or break down a door,meme
real friends,will make sure you have a place for the night,if you get too drunk to drive,taped to the wall,humor,pranks,meme
guns don't kill people,people that can't fight,kill people,meme
if you are feeling down,I can feel you up,meme
that one person who doesn't talk in the group chat,but you can tell they're reading everything,meme

marriage is a workshop,where husband works,wife shops, meme
do you remember when you had a thing with,stop,humor,meme
life is a one time offer,use it well,meme
I start each day with a green smoothie, wait,no,the bartender's saying its called a mojito, meme
when she's sexy,cool,and single,you psychotic ain't you,humor,for real though,meme

try not to be a twatsicle,meme
I used to be jealous that harry potter could talk to snakes,and then I realized, I've been doing it for years,meme
nicole, hurry up bitch, I can't breath, tummy tucking, humor,meme
people get very upset when you don't wear your headphones correctly on the subway,meme
if you're jumping from one situation to the next,when do you have time to re-evaluate who you are as an individual,meme

your marriage is more important than your career or your hobbies,so never sacrifice your marriage in the pursuit of lesser things,meme
your child will follow your example,not your advice,raise them right,meme
when you are truly comfortable with who you are,not everybody will like you,but you won't care about it one bit,meme
I made a sex tape,shhh, the word sex,written on a roll of tape,meme
I like being alone,alone with my mind,alone with my thoughts,alone with someone who understands me,myself,meme

there once was a president who loved to golf,but only did so 8 times because he had a job that was more important,meme
people don't realize how hard you're riding for them until you park,meme
my buddy was telling me that he cries when having sex,i said,you're such a little bitch, then i remembered he's in prison,meme
hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny,meme
troll dad recreates his daughters instagram posts,humor,meme

work tip,stand up,stretch, take a walk,go to the airport,get on a plane,never return, meme
saw some idiot at the gym put a water bottle where the pringles go on the treadmill,meme
the next time you say men are dogs,remember if you treat a dog right,he will always stay loyal,real shit, meme
does anyone know what kid of dog this is,beware of dog sign,humor,meme
easy solution to kill mosquitoes, salt,white tequila,stick,rock,humor,meme

I will make better mistakes tomorrow,meme
don't be shy,send that 12th unanswered text,tequila, drunk text,meme
I don't always tell people where I fish,but when I do,its a lie,meme
good morning,what a beautiful day to drink beer and tell everyone to fuck off,humor,meme
I promise to always be by your side,or under you,or on top,meme

always be positive, falls down the stairs,me,whew I got down those stairs fast,meme
never force someone to make a space in their life for you,because if they know your worth,they will surely create one for you,meme
people who can finishing shampoo bottle at the same time as their conditioner are truly gifted,meme
mirror mirror in the bowl,who's the goodest boy you know,dog,reflection in food bowl,humor,meme
when you spend your whole life supporting others,but there's no one there to support you,broken chair,meme

my goal is to build a life,I don't need a vacation from,meme
I'm ok,I'm broken,meme
ma'am, how many juice boxes have you had tonight,power wheels,meme
mom,who do the best people die so soon,when you're in a garden,which flowers do you pick first,the most beautiful ones,rip,rih, meme
new beginnings, new mindset,new focus,meme

a truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms,even when his hands are empty,meme
you don't know it yet,but I ain't gonna be easy to leave,meme
I wanna be the type of person who wakes up at 8, has a smoothie then goes for a run,but I literally wake up at 1 then have a nap at 2,humor,meme
I do something stupid,she gets mad,I apologize, she dose something stupid,i get mad,she gets mad,I apologize, humor,never right,meme
a child educated only at school is an uneducated child,be a parent to your kids,raise them right,meme

what do you put in your hair to make it soooo curly,water,meme
loyal women have a breaking point,once she's done,she's done for good,meme
forget what hurt you in the past,but never forget what it taught you,meme
mess with me I will fight back,mess with my daughter,and they'll never find your body,,meme
be with someone who knows exactly what they have when they have you,not someone who will realize it after they've lost you,meme

maybe some people just aren't meant to stay in our lives forever,maybe some people are just passing through,it's like some people just come through our lives to bring us something,a lesson we need to learn,and that's why they are here,meme
I'm blessed with everything I need,I am working hard towards everything I want,and most of all I appreciat and thank god for what I have,meme
I'm so proud of myself for every single decision I've made this year,from cutting people off to changing my priorities, meme
the embarrassing thing you did last night,is calling you,meme
if I had a brick for every lie Hillary told,I could build two walls,trump,meme

if you ever need nothing,I'm here for you,meme
you never know what kinda name,you saved as in my contact list,lying bitch, meme
better late than pregnant, meme
me when I had to let my hoes know it was over,humor,meme
my Saturday was going pretty well, until I realised it was Sunday,meme

I'm a free spirit, and I like doing free spirit shit, meme
i was taught to think before i act,so when I slap the fuck outta you,just know thought about it first,meme
a woman should be her man's own personal pornstar,meme
hey dad,what's a playoff,i don't know son,we're dolphins,humor,meme
what consumes your mind,controls your life,meme

the united states,the only place where nobody gives a fuck, nut everybody gets offended, meme
anyone know of a good jobmfor someone who hates people,meme
this girl got a $700 iphone and got the nerve to text me she hungry,I told her she better eat the apple off the back of that mf,meme
hillarys favorite pizza,little seizures, humor,meme
my last nigga created a monster,but then couldn't handle it,meme

when a dark secret from your past threatens to destroy the new peaceful life you've created for yourself,meme
all I want is a nigga I don't have to share with another bitch, meme
guys I find attractive, famous,taken,dead,don't like me back,don't text me back,don't know I exist,not real,gay,have a restraining order against me,meme
her,why you keep stalking me,stay out of my dm I am going to block you,me,you know you belong to me right,meme
dodge the bullshit like,boxing,meme

I surround myself with driven individuals, whether it's book smart or street smart,hard work understands hard work,meme
did you fall from heaven,cause your face is pretty fucked up,meme
kids all complaining about having to go back to school,and I'm over here like, 7,565 th day of work,humor,over it,meme
drake went from,just give me a chance,to what time your man come home,humor,meme
bitch please,i ride a unicorn, meme

don't tell me what they said about me,tell me why they so comfortable to say it around you,meme
when you a soccer mom but don't fuck with other people or their kids,personal chair tent,humor,meme
when your wife has personal hygiene problems but you don't want to upset her,so you drop subtle hints instead,bush odor,meme
when 1 of ur drunk texts from last night replies with some freaky shit, but ure no longer that person,humor,meme
hey,Hillary,you ever heard of karma,it's when you have a seizure, pass out,and lose your shoe,all in public,on the anniversary of benghazi, meme

this is what happens when you graduate from an online university,cards bouncing across computer screen,humor,meme
don't count the days,make the days count,meme
love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings,sex is the cherry on top,meme
just spent 13 days looking for my ipad, front seat of car,humor,blends in,meme Mouth
my mom sent me this picture of how a parent showed up to the mother son dance,poor kid,meme

no king,I didn't come from your rib,you came from my womb,meme
when cans of whoop ass are buy one get one free,stone cold Steve Austin,meme
fancy boot protectors,tampons sold separately, meme
don't worry Mr Reagan,I'll finish what you started,trump,meme
don't play games with a woman, who already knows how to play the game,meme

the moment you realize you've married the wrong woman,humor,bent over,meme
$20 says this guy votes democrat,filling a laundry basket with water,meme
fuck you pay me,dog wearing sun glasses holding a sign in mouth,humor,meme
get him hard,send him home,blue balls,tease,meme
I sleep better naked,why can't the flight attendant understand this,meme

you know you're a bad driver when siri says,in 400 feet,stop and let me out,humor,meme
the scent of freedom,freshly signed divorce papers,candle, humor,meme
found an extra pair of boots at the worksite,so I decided to give my boss a heart attack,work boots stuck on the side of wet asphalt,humor,meme
boyfriends and girlfriends come and go,kids don't,put your kids first,meme
one of the main difference between men and women,is what comes to mind when they hear the word,facial,meme

meth, before and after,humor,meme
it's summer, time for some motor boating, meme
my penis is so polite,it stands up so girls have a place to sit down,meme
I may be an asshole, but I don't treat people badly,I treat them accordingly, meme
I never get caught cheatin at the nursing home,cause all my side bitches got alzheimers, meme

complaining about long or hard trigger pull on a double action,is like special ordering a manual transmission, and crying because it has a clutch,gun,meme
I keep my circle small,if you're lucky enough to be in it,don't lose your spot by being a shady mother fucker, meme
I might be crazy but you're ugly,and they don't make pretty pills,meme
just as you're enjoying the weekend,Monday is round the corner like,snake attacking a small bird,meme
drawback to my last decent sleep, sonogram photo,meme

your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul,meme
hang in there,it gets better,fuck you,meme
don't make me make you fall in love, meme
each time you read a book,a tree smiles knowing there's life after death,meme
falling in love is easy,having sex is easier,but bumping into someone that can spark your soul,that shit. is rare,meme

doctor, what seems to be the issue,patient, I have a fucking back problem,math equation on back,meme
you outta line,crooked edge,bad hair cut,meme
interviewer, but with no animal experience, what makes you think you'd be a good zoologist, john,john takes off hat,mother of pearl,see you Monday,meme
guys be like,my grilling is the truth,meme
see this is an educated crazy ex,she didn't break anything just made it super annoying to get inside the car,plastic wrapped the car to a pole,humor,meme

sometimes I see girls wearing too much makeup and just wanna,mop in face,meme
yo,it's my birthday,bitch, meme
you make me smile,you're so sweet,those boots are also got dam feet,meme, humor
she thinks I'm a photographer, but I'm really just a horny nigga wit a camera,cheers,meme
meanwhile in Japan,meme

the easy way,my way,meme
frizzy hair,coconut oil,no shaving cream,coconut oil,dry skin,coconut oil,bad credit,coconut oil,bf acting up,coconut oil,meme
these mfs be fake happy,and real mad,meme
when your girl said she'll be home by 9:00 but its 9:01 and she's still not home yet,mac lipstick,humor,meme
son,dad,I'm gay,dad,I love you no matter what,son,that's so good to hear,I also vape, dad,get the fuck out of my house,meme

ill give you space,just know when I'm falling back,someone else might fall in,meme
this is how 14 year old kids should look & dress,meme
find someone who will change your life,not your relationship status,meme
alright, lets fucking do this,meme
vaseline is my choice of lube during sex,I smear it on the door knob,so she can't escape,meme

used beer department, two shake maximum, restroom,meme
curves,because nobody likes to snuggle a stick,meme
when spend the night at somebody's house that got bedbugs, meme
more jobs, Ronald Reagan,blow jobs, Bill Clinton,no jobs, Obama,meme
when you let a small obstacle keep you from achieving your dreams,dog,ladder meme

we have a place for sick,twisted people like you,its called my bed,meme
new invention, we'll call it grillbillies, grill hanging from second story window,meme
sometimes love means doing butt stuff,humor,anal,meme
dumber than snake mittens,meme
I'm shy at first,but once I'm comfortable with you,get ready for some crazy shit, meme

I'm probably gonna have a beer or two and go home,4 hours later,meme
she ordered 4 beers,chugged them all,and used the tray as a hat,this lady is my spirit animal,meme
be with someone who wontnstay mad at you,who can't stand not talking to you,and who's afraid of losing you,meme
hauling ass, big butt,streetbike,meme
eyebrows should be sisters not twins,fckin hell, they're not even friends,meme

when she finds out you're unemployed,have two baby mommas, criminal record & no car,meme
I chill harder than you party,meme
one of the hardest decisions you will ever face is,choosing whether to walk away or try harder,meme
is it me or does this mannequin looks like its head was blown off,meme
retire in florida they said,its just a little rain they said,meme

my friend found some ancient ruins in Italy,blockbuster movies,humor,meme
you know this is nowhere near the hood, tobacco by the door,humor,meme
I want an exotic pet,like a stripper, meme
your ass in a g string,could acquire many dollar bills from me,humor,stripper, meme
thinking it was a good idea to follow bae to work,but finding out he doesn't have a job,and just goes to his mamas, humor,deadbeat, meme

he just lit a motorcycle on fire,said fuck the police, the rolled on by like it was nothing, man on power scooter,meme
how to keep generations of men,watching tv shows,meme
agenda for the day,let the dog in,let the dog out,meme
candy flavored amphetamines for kids,fda approved, candy flavored cannabis for adults,government says it should be banned,because it appeals to children, meme
if you don't have no one in your bad times,then don't trust anyone in your good times,meme

when you want to burn your tongue 38 industrial times in a row,pizza rolls,humor,so good though,meme
what's your sexual fantasy, me,he dies during foreplay and leaves me 1.3 billion dollars,meme
may all your ups & downs be between the sheets,meme
when someone tries to hurt your feelings, but,you don't have any,meme
watch out for competition, disguised as support,meme

when u smell barbecue coming from ur neighbours backyard,dogs looking under fence,humor,cute,meme
this whole,having a job,shit is really getting in the way of me living the best life possible,humor,no work all play,meme
excuse me while I kiss the sky,meme
I bet that's the last time you say you want to see sparks in the bedroom, electric taser,humor,meme
I hug people that I hate,so that I know how big to dig the hole,in my backyard,meme

I know I won't see you,but happy birthday, Stevie Wonder,humor,meme
I went for a run but came back after two minutes, because I forgot something,I forgot I'm out of shape,and can't run more than two minutes, humor,meme
don't half ass anything,whatever you do,use your full ass, humor,meme
last night is a blur,I vaguely remember sucking titties, and then shitting myself,little boy,meme
I need to fucking take my ass to sleep, humor,meme

introduce yourself to me with your wounds,that's right,I want your scars,your unheald bruises and every sharp piece of heartbreak you have,that's how I want to know you,from the inside out,meme
sit,I told you no reading or thinking for yourself,television, full of false news,meme
can I borrow a kiss,I promise I'll give it back,meme
love says,I've seen the ugly parts of you,and I'm staying,meme
she was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad,and that's important,marilyn Monroe, meme

sometimes in exchange for learning the game, you have to get played,meme
I liked you until I realize you flirt with everybody,that shit isn't attractive with your overly friendly ass, meme
I'm already tired tomorrow,humor,meme
when I'm tryna eat healthy, fruit bowl, chicken, meme
alcoholics don't run in my family,they stumble around and break shit, meme

you don't fold the memes, you roll the memes, meme
is this your only window to the world,tube television, meme
middle fingers up if you don't give a fuck, meme
a boy will have you in your feelings,a man will have you feeling yourself,meme
this could be me,but my job playing,sleeping,meme

you are my favorite distraction, meme
fill your life with experiences, not things,have a story to tell,not stuff to show,meme
many people don't know this,but you can read something you disagree with on the internet, and just move on with your life,humor,for real though,meme
stop saying yes to shit you hate,meme
sometimes good things fall apart,so better things can fall together, meme

I don't care what religion anyone is,as long as they use their turn signal,meme
sometimes you have to break the rules to do something great,Steve jobs, meme
when rain chances go from 0 to 100 real quick,wavepadsfl,wave pad,,863 808 5184,fun in the sun,meme
who says it has to be on a bed,freaks, meme
sleep,he won't text you,meme

when I look back on my life,I see pain,mistakes and heart ache, when I look in the mirror,I see strength, learned lessons,and pride in myself, inspirational,meme
I used to care,but I take a pill for that now,meme
how much do you need,in order to have enough,meme
change is inevitable, growth is optional, meme
I am proud of the woman I am today,because I went through one hell of a time becoming her,meme

to find the hunger again,you gotta starve,meme
my luck is like a bald guy who just won a comb,bad luck,shit for luck,meme
did you say Monday, nope,not moving,puppy dog,meme
you know you're getting old,when one big fart, throws out your back,meme
if you're not losing friends,then you're not growing up,word porn,meme

your ego is your soul's worst enemy,meme
it all begins and ends in your mind,what you give power to,has power over you,if you allow it,meme
I admit,I still fantasize about you,meme
givers have to learn to set limits,because takes don't have any,meme
never fall in love with a shithead, meme

walking away from,lies,bullshit, pain,drama,fakes,everything, meme
kittens can be scary,dog standing in chair,humor,meme
if it doesn't involve you,it shouldn't concern you,meme
when I'm mad at someone,but then they ask if I'm hungry,meme
a good man will want you to shine,he wants you to be your amazing self,a good man loves to show off his happy,intelligent, amazing,powerful women,meme

if a women says,first of all,during an argument, run away,because she has prepared research,data,charts,and will destroy you,meme
these mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb,meme
I'm far from a show off, but I will shit on you if I have to,meme
don't waste your time on revenge, those that hurt you will eventually face their own karma,meme
I'm white, but I'm not walmart white,meme

these scars I bare are from all the times I was burned playing with fire,foolish enough to believe a devil recovered from being a liar,meme
I bet that suitcase is jam packed,suitcase looking like a sandwich, meme
don't ever lie to me,if you told me the truth,no matter how ugly it is,I'll respect you even more,meme
some things are just never meant to be,no matter how much we wish they were,meme
this crooked sign speaks for itself,Hillary court,dead end,humor,meme

this is the real bermuda triangle, gap between front seats,black hole,meme
most people are skeptical of what I do because society has taught us to look for jobs,not opportunity,meme
Hillary Clinton out looking for more votes,grave yard site,humor,meme
I knocked out a guy who said bacon sucks, no one talks about my friends that way,meme
sometimes you gotta remember, everyone wasn't raised like you,meme

set goals,stay quite about them,smash the shit out of them,clap for your damn self,repeat, complete every day,meme
when your love your girl,but she got a drinking problem, gasing the car up,meme
you never knew how toxic someone was,until you start breathing fresh air,meme
when the postman started carrying mace,it kind of escalated things,dog,50 cal rifel, humor,meme
people be like,you changed,beautiful butterfly, meme

I didn't say you were a slut, I just implied you don't sleep in your own bed very often,meme
as much as people refuse to believe it,the company you keep does have an impact and influence on your choices,meme
two things i won't tolerant, bad sex and bullshit, meme
I paid attention to the construction signs and got in the correct lane,you ignored them and now you want me to let you in,not gonna happen,learn to drive,meme
sick of crying,tired of trying,yes I'm smiling but inside I'm dying,meme

I love when people insult me,it means I don't have to play nice anymore,meme
do you ever wish you could kill somebody,bring them back & be like,see stop doing dumb shit, meme
I'm all out of fucks to give,but here's a rat's ass, meme
family,for all mine ill lay yours,meme
I'm not a quitter but sometimes the game ain't worth playing no more,meme

being the black sheep of the family is like being famous,everyone is always talking shit about you,meme
a river cuts through rock,not because of its power,but because of its persistence, meme
I come from a bloodline of hustlers, its in my dna to eat,meme
good morning fuckers, ape,middle finger to the sky,meme
your arms around me felt like home,I'm home sick,meme

I'm not sure if I attract crazy,or if I make them that way,meme
just installed two 12 inch subs in my car,subway subs,meme
boy,wanna come over for some fireworks,girl,aren't those illegal,boy,lol aren't you,meme
that moment you realise if you turn your head,you're a dead man,humor,meme
you know you done struck a nerve,when they quit liking your pics and post,but won't delete you,Kermit,meme

I buy all my guns from a guy called t rex, he's a small arms dealer,meme
going in circles, up the hill,down the hill,meme
I had the perfect meme for this,but Hillary deleted it,for prison,what email,meme
isn't is pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove they weren't worth a second of it,barbie, meme
weed is the gateway drug to,great food,awesome sex,good music,amazing showers,good vibes,meme

with so many things coming back in style,I can't wait till loyalty and morals become the new trend again,truth,meme
my liquid diet is going fabulously, after 4 glasses of wine I no longer care about how fat I am,meme
Clinton got away with it,so I'm gonna vote for her,oh really,perhaps you'd like to go on a date with oj Simpson while Casey Anthony watches your kids,humor,meme
if you're interested, you'll do what's convenient,if you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes,meme
nobody understands the things I do,but that's why I'm me and you're you,meme

bless her heart,means fuck that bitch, in southern,humor,meme
there's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot,meme
when I was a kid,we didn't have bottled water,we had a garden hose,meme
boo season is almost over,please return all make believe boyfriends back to their rightful owners,Kermit,humor,meme
everyday is military appreciation day,meme

work hard in silence, let your success make the noise,meme
if stupid could fly,you'd be a jet,humor,meme
women are so dame sensitive,my sister in law said,she is having twins,and all I said was,at least you will finally have two children with the same father,meme
anyone know how many air fresheners it takes to get the dead body smell out of a basement,asking for a friend,meme
do something today that your future self will thank you for,meme

I know how to load more than a washer & dryer,guns,rifles, girls and guns,meme girls
meeting someone with the same mindset as you is rare,meme
eventually you will meet a man who's tired of the games too,and his loyalty will match yours,meme
betrayal hurts most,when its done by family and friends,two faced,meme
those who do wrong to you,eventually face their own karma, meme

may your life be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook,humor,wake up people,meme
fuck the system, barbed wire fence,meme
sometimes,I just really want to rip your clothes off,meme
I think we'll let him go,tall man,to big to fit in police Cruiser,meme
when a women didn't enjoy it,she leaves early in the morning,those who had a nice time,will wait until the sun comes out,requests breakfast, a jay, and taxi money,meme

if you can't do anything about it,then let it go,don't be a prisoner to things you can't change,tony gaskins, meme
one of the most expensive things you could ever do is pay attention to the wrong people,meme
I get more ass than you,toilet paper,meme
don't be afraid of being different,be afraid of being the same as everyone else,meme
there's nothing like a bonfire,and watching the evidence burn,meme

this shit right here, helps me tolerate your bitch ass, beer,meme
when people post,tag the owner,bank of America, humor,meme
don't tell your daughter that when a boy is mean or rude to her,it's because he has a crush on her,don't teach her that abuse is a sign of love,meme
push yourself because,no one else is going to do it for you,meme
so you spend the day topless at the beach again,what makes you think that,sagging breast tan lines, meme

the harder I work,the luckier I get,meme
call your ex and if they pick up,be like,this is another reason we broke up,you're always entertaining your ex's,then hang up,humor,meme
how I feel picking the next president, lays potato chips,wtf flavors, meme
I am sick of people thinking deodorant,is optional, humor,meme
somebody built a wall around Donald trumps star on Hollywood walk of fame,humor,meme

my ex was from the land down under,Australia, hell, humor,meme
you may be cool,but you'll never be,bob marley, Jim hendrix, playing soccer cool,meme
everyone brings joy to this office,some when they enter,some when they leave,humor,meme
due to unfortunate circumstances, I am awake,meme
if we all threw our problems into one huge pile,we'd see everyone else's and scramble to get ours back,meme

don't focus so much on the negative that you miss out on all of the positive negative happening around you,meme
fuck you,here's a big fuck you to all the two faced bitches, back stabber, fake ass friends,the ex's and every one else who doesn't like me,meme
outcome of political arguments on Facebook,you change your mind,they change their mind,no one changes anything and everyone's pissed, pie chart,meme
unless you know who you are,you will always be vulnerable to what people say,meme
chase atm, the i fucked my money up pose, insufficient funds,meme

are you butt dialing,because I swear that ass is calling me,pick up lines,meme
have you ever been so drunk, you had to strap yourself in,and hold on for dear life,stuck in the toilet lid,meme
when someone won't let you in,eventually you stop knocking, sad but true,meme
everyone has that one friend,that is just too dame big to help in drunk situations, humor,meme
they just bought the same shoes,again, Michael Jordan,jordan's,j's, meme

breaking a man's heart is much deeper than what we realize, it destroys his outlook on love,his future relationships,meme
they didn't want u there in the first place,they wanted you there just incase, meme
introducing john deers new,multi lane protester digestor, humor,meme
when you've done the stupid thing and need ur friends help to get out of it,meme
it's not about having time,its about making time,meme

so you can't afford a tutor for your child,but you still bought him those jordans, meme
next guy I talk to imma post his pictures and say,anybody's man,if nobody claims him in 24 hours,we can still talk,humor,meme
dear cardio, my mama don't like you,and she likes everyone,meme
if you're voting for Hillary Clinton, in 2016,raise your hand,now,use it to slap yourself,you're an idiot,humor,Hillary for prison,meme
you're not pikachu, nope I'm his cousin,imabitechu, humor,dog,k9,meme

your soulmate is usually the one you friendzone, meme
I'm not interested in competing with anyone,I hope we all make it,meme
democratic party,republican party,cocktail party, choose wisely, meme
there's something missing in my life and I'm not sure if it's a person,a puppy,or a burrito, humor,meme
it isn't a walk of shame, it's the just got laid parade,meme

bad habits change into character, meme
money isn't the root of all evil anymore,attention is,meme
what feels like the end,is often the beginning, meme
once you see results,it becomes an addiction, meme
awake is the new sleep,meme

sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same,meme
kiss me like you don't need air,hold me like you can't let go,love me like you'd die without me,meme
there has to be a revolution of the mind,before a revolution can play out in the streets,bob marley, meme
shoutout to my school teacher who said I'm going to end up working at burger king,tomorrows my first day,humor,meme
yeah dating is cool,but have you ever had stuffed crust pizza,humor,meme

always put this on when I wanna catch yo girl,pokemon go cologne,meme
we will lead our country back to safety,prosperity and peace, Donald J Trump,meme
every single day I wake up in a house that was built by slaves,then get out,and take your gay Muslim husband with you, Michelle Obama,meme
you don't find your worth in a man,you find your worth within yourself and then find a man who's worthy of you,remember that,meme
my name ain't dick, so keep it out of your mouth,meme

when you know he is checking you out,humor,meme
a gentleman in public,and a master in the bedroom,meme
sometimes I question my sanity,occasionally, it replies,humor,meme
one thing I learned about people is,if they do it once,they'll do it again,meme
are we having some drinks,or are we having some dranks, need to dress accordingly, humor,meme

humor,if you see me eating a salad in a restaurant, I have been kidnapped and I am trying to signal you,meme
I drink because you pretend to throw the ball,Dave,dog humor,meme
sometimes I wonder if she dreams about me, Freddy Krueger,meme
Hillary Clinton, tom Brady got more of a punishment for deflating a ball,than she did for exposing top secret documents to foreign hackers,meme
behind a lot of great kids is a stepparent who stepped up,stepped in and gave a shit, love,meme

hot dogs come in packages of 10,buns come in packages of 8, this is the work of the world banks and the new world order,meme
going fishing for 3 days,better grab some beer,loaded down with beer,humor,meme
watch who you trust,even your teeth bite your tongue every now and then,humor,meme
if you're happy with someone,fuck what everyone else thinks,meme
I'd rather be a conservative nut job,than a liberal,with no nuts,and no job,meme

might wake up early and go running,but I also might win the lottery,the odds are about the same,meme
you're always one decision away,from a totally different life,meme
there is no greater wealth in the world than the peace of mind,meme
sharks aren't so bad,if a stranger entered my house wearing only a speedo, I would probably attention
as we get older,we don't lose friends,we just find out who the real ones are,meme

he loved asses so much,he became one,meme
that face you make,when you realize that every 45 seconds someone is arrested for cannabis in America,humor, Statue of Liberty, hands covering face,meme
I've only met about 3 or 4 people that understand me,everyone else assumes I'm either angry,sarcastic,or just an asshole, meme
I can't stop thinking about you,today,tomorrow,always,meme
the answers you seek are within you,meme

they see me rolling,they hatin, long toed boots on bicycle,meme
keep your friends close and a bottle of beer closer,budweiser chalk board,meme
I may die broke but I will have,a million dollars worth of fun,meme
if I could travel for free,no one would ever see me again,meme
runners wake up before the sun,morning motivation,meme

how I look at work,after pulling an all night fishing trip,meme
when you get your check,and you figuring out which bill you really ain't got to pay,the struggle,humor,meme
its Friday,I made it,barely,meme
arguing with a girl,sorry,that's not correct,14 out of 14 answer correct,humor,meme
me as a parent,dipping chip dip off of babys head,humor,meme

there's three ways of doing things,the right way,the wrong way,and the way that I do it,meme
milf, man I love fridays, meme
whatever,I don't care any more,I'm tired of people questioning my motives,chicken crossing the road,meme
I survived spankings, lead paint,wooden playgrounds, second hand smoke,toy guns,no seatbelts or helmets,play without supervision, drinking from the hose,meme
how ya girl looks at you when she's confidently missing the point but sticking with her theory anyway,meme

crap, I gotta go,I can't find my cell phone anywhere,meme
never wife a women who don't know how to ne bored,meme
a soulmate is someone who appreciates your level of weird,bill Murray,meme
remember,you are a kernel of corn in the digestive track of life,things may get shitty, but don't worry,you'll make it out whole,humor, inspirational,meme
when someone asks me to remove a picture because they're,offended, meme

don't let anybody steal your joy today,meme
if I had my life to live over again,I'd find you sooner,so that I could love you longer,meme
if we date,you don't have to worry about anyone else having my attention,the only one who will get more than you will probably be your dog,humor,puppy love,meme
a beautiful heart can bring things into your life,that all the money in the world couldn't obtain,meme
everyday is leg day,when you're running from your problems, meme

how's life going,are you doing well,me,treadmill,walking on Legos,humor,meme
goodbye cruel world,tire swing hanging from tree,meme
if you can't build with them,don't chill with them,meme
interesting facts about me,I was born on my birthday,I'm human,and I don't tell everyone this,but I'm naked under these clothes, humor,meme
jobs fill your pocket,adventures fill your soul,meme

this for all you nosey fuckers, that only follow me to tattle on me,fuck you,humor, meme
if con is the opposite of pro,does that mean congress is the opposite of progress,cherokee proverb,meme
Florida Georgia line,yeah,we took a leak there once,meme
I invented a game where people get so stoned,they can barely walk and chase each other around the yard,it's called,wait for it,hash tag,humor,#,meme
where did timmy go,oh shit, humor,lowes displayed toilets,kid using it to poop, meme

love is just a word,until you find someone,to give it a definition, meme
ahhh Friday,my second favorite f word,meme
there was a safety meeting in work today,they asked me,what steps would you take in the event of a fire,fucking big ones,was the wrong answer,work,meme
first womanmto medal in six straight Olympics, media and sponsors ignore her because she is outspoken pro-2a,second Amendment,meme
rise & shine mother cluckers, meme

drunk people,children, and leggings always tell the truth, meme
sawdust, you mean,man glitter,humor,meme
me trying to find the motivation to go to work tomorrow,humor, binoculars with lens cover on,meme
all we have is now,meme
parenthood is,whispering, for fuck sake,before answering your name,humor,meme

why isn't this going viral,family reading books on a subway, not on a phone or tablets,meme
people show their true colors,unintentionally, pay attention,meme
yes,it is my birthday,meme
trump can't even handle the rough and tumble of a presidential campaign,he crushed 16 of the most powerful republicans in the country,and you had to cheat to finish off a 74 year old communist,Hillary Clinton,meme
America doesn't have gun control problem,America has a criminal entitlement problem,meme

marriage is til death do us part,not til you get tired of trying,meme
they say love is the key to happiness,they lied,its beer,meme
dalai lama, he said,there are only two days in the year that nothing can be done,omen is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow,so today is the right day to love,believe, do and mostly live,meme
a winner is just a loser who tried one more time,meme
if your friends jumped off a,bridge, couldn't finish the sentence, already jumping off,humor,meme

when you realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side,don't bring your stupid ass back into my yard,meme
so apparently rsvp'ing back to a wedding invite,maybe next time,isn't the correct response,meme
don't just be good to others,be good to yourself too,meme
we the people will no longer tolerate career politicians running our country,share if you support term limits for us congress,meme
I am putting you on my to do list,meme

I learn from the mistakes of others who take my advice,humor,meme
i saw you,I wanted you,I got you,I love you,meme
female logic,shoesm50% off 200k,water 2 km,humor,meme
I don't care what you think about me,bruno mars thinks I'm amazing, just the way I am,humor,meme
I don't always downshift when passing,but when I do,its nextnto a pruis,so they hear me hurt the environment, humor,meme

the last thing a child molester should see,the barrel of a gun,meme
blessed to announce that pornhub now has a, basic,category, Starbucks, meme
dryer lint,the cremated remains of missing socks,humor,meme
this is Jane,Jane is in a relationship, Jane doesn't post on social media about how much she loves her partner,she tells him this in person,she doesn't mention every little insignificant thing they do,Jane knows that nobody gives a dame,Jane is smart,be like Jane,meme
a woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle, humor,pun intended, meme

if you can't make her cum, you ain't allowed to raise your voice at her,gandhi, meme
have you ever looked at someone,and just imagined holding their head under water,oh,me neither, humor,for real though,meme
and just like that,poof, weekend gone,meme
yes,I have a dirty mind and you're running through it,naked, meme
I'm going out,I know that's why I got dressed,bae, me,humor,meme

rather be safe than get a virus,condom on internet cord,humor,meme
if hard work made you rich,day laborers would be millionaires, hard work don't always pay off,meme
don't wake up at 40 and realize. only thing u got going is that u got,stay fresh,meme
people who follow me on social media be like,nope,no chill here,looking in couch cushions, humor,meme
I'm blind as fuck, but even I can see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch, Stevie Wonder,holding box of froot loops,meme

when you want a fancy meal,but your food stamps run out,snickers, garnished,humor,meme
actual picture, of the 8 pounder, that broke you off,tree stump,meme
this one goes out to my boss,I call it,fuck this place,I wanna go home,Kermit, meme
old keys won't open new doors,meme
I wonder what I would look like with a six pack,ahh much better, six pack of beer,meme

let's clear this up,one last time,passing lane,travel lane,road head lane,exit lane,meme
I had cheese,but no crackers,i was cracka lackin, mouse,meme
I can't cry about having a lot on my plate,when my goal was to eat,100,meme
when you a off road guy,with a lil lowrider inside you,flexing,meme
when you arguing with someone and they still mumbling after the argument over,big ear hears everything,humor,meme

if you can't say anything but pervy and dirty thoughts,come over and hang out with me,you'll fit in nicely,meme
proud owner of a dirty mind,meme
good moms let you lick the beaters,great moms turn them off first,humor,meme
you can't force a person to show you respect,but you can refuse to be disrespected,meme
instead of sending me game requests, invite me over for a beer instead,meme

you had one job,one,happy birthday on both cakes,humor,meme
never don't give up,kill yourself,meme
I'll take one friend who'll fight like hell, over ten who talk shit, meme
it is easier to build strong children,than to repair broken men,Frederick Douglas,meme
when you're trying to order pizza,and the mother fucker with no money yells,get some wings,humor,wtf, pay me,meme

no need to drive me crazy,I can walk from here,meme
a woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life,to be thankful for a good one,meme
prehistoric googling, library, meme
cop,have any illegal drugs in the car,me,if I won't answer,will you call the k-9 unit,yes,then Can I pet the dog,meme
warning, no feelings were considered when I was making my page,if you have any suggestions or complaints,please see my idgaf clause located at the unfollow button,meme

when you see me by myself,don't get it twisted,I am my team,meme
hey,who is this,lol did you really delete my number that fast,calm down,it was never saved lmao, meme
when a dude tries to slide in your girls dm's,home alone,meme
I heard my ex was learning to swim,so I thought I'd help out,weights with floats,meme
a lot of y'all slayed prom,but don't got enough credits to graduate,humor,meme

if you could marry a supermodel or smoke a brisket, would you smoke it fat side up or fat side down,meme
when you takem2 hours to do your hair and then go outside,meme
he might have you wondering where you messed up,but the problem isn't you darling,he's just not looking for love,meme
the reason I'm winning,is because I'm not competing, meme
the most valuable dating advice out there,don't buy that girl a drink,buy herna taco, girls deserve tacos,meme

I don't always fart, but when i do,it can kill a small family,dog humor,meme
gym update,not there,meme
seduce my mind and you can have my body,find my soul,and I'm yours forever,meme
some things are better left unsaid,but eventually,I'm going to get drunk and say them anyway,meme
replaced my girlfriend with a supercharger, at least I enjoy hearing it whine,meme

I am the person your mother warned you about,but I bet she didn't tell you how much fucking fun I would be,meme
if your religion is worth killing for,please start with yourself,meme
I just woke up,and your sexy ass is already on my mind,meme
when your phone lights up today,know it won't be me,meme
when you're tired of people standing too close to you,humor,nice belt,meme

I'm not rude,I just say what everyone else doesn't have the balls to say,meme
exercise,I though you said,extra pies,humor,meme
when your windowless van isn't creepy enough, lotion in door storage,meme
put up a fucking fight for what you love,meme
most of the time she's a lady,but every once in a while,a dirty old man with a drinking problem comes out,humor,wild one,meme

be careful who you trust,the devil used to be a beautiful angle,meme
when she ain't never had shit, and gets her first bag,humor,meme
I avoid drama,so I won't have to shoot nobody,meme
you'll never see women fighting over a good man,he'd never put u in a situation of not knowing where u stand,meme
surveillance camera,$900, can of silly string,$2, defeating the system,priceless,meme

it's alright no need to reply,i was just texting you to exercise my fingers,meme
88 decrees,def my outfit for today,hat,necklace,condom,sandals, humor,meme
violets are blue,your blood is red,your window was open,I'm under your bed,clowns,meme
this dude think he a skunk,high as a mofucker,about to pay $115 for a frozen pizza,meme
I got your good morning bullshit right here,meme

when u finish the whole pizza by yourself but your homie forgives you,humor,meme
what does a divorce in lakeland, a tornado in winter haven,and a flood in bartow have in common,somebody's fixin to lose them a trailer,meme
I hate getting shit for wearing daisy dukes,it's nice out and like to show off my body,I can do without the rude comments like,your legs are hairy,and your dick is hanging out,meme And
my great grandma started giggling at a barbecue and when I asked what's funny,she said,everyone here is alive,because I got laid,humor,meme
why does meal prepping take like 4 hours,and eating like 3 seconds and washing the tupperware like 7 days and 7 nights,meme

the evolution of weaponry,meme
when you've been instagrammin in the restroom for quite a while and the homies get concerned, birds looking under door,meme
interviewer, do you remember tweeting, fuck a job,ima flip dope,until I die bitch, meme
in my experience, dogs are way more loyal than people,meme
not all men are the same,there are actually some real decent men out there that know and understand the worth of a good women,meme

I am so glad i was young and crazy before there were sell phones and evidence, meme
no matter how strong a girl is,she has a weak point, and sometimes,all she needs is a hug or someone to punch,meme
isn't it sad when you get hurt so much,you can finally say,I'm used to it,meme
I bend so I don't break,meme
your child will follow your example,not your advice,meme

you are not acting like the person,Mr rogers, knew you could be,humor,meme
what they say,sorry for the wait,what they mean, sorry for the weight,fastfood, McDonald's,meme
enjoy life now,this is not a rehearsal, meme
Hillary Clinton,hernie clinders, humor meme
fridays are fuckdays,fuck work,and fuck all night,meme

sometimes,not saying anything is the best answer,you see,silence can never be misquoted, meme
doing something. productive, day drinking,this way heart,humor,meme
who did this,eyebrows,meme
more miles per gallon,more smiles per gallon,meme
I don't date without a purpose,& I don't date just to occupy my time,being in a relationship won't heal you,& being single won't kill you,meme

never stop doing your best,just because someone doesn't give you credit,meme
I'm still waiting for the day,my parents will say,it's all fake,we are millionaires, this was just to teach you to be humble,meme
his do we stop racism,stop talking about it,I'm going to stop calling you a white man,& I'm going to ask you to stop calling me a black man,Morgan freeman,meme
voting for, Hillary Clinton,because she is a women,is like eating a turn,because it looks like a tootsie roll,humor,meme
don't get confused between my personality and my attitude, my personality is who I am,my attitude depends on who you are,meme

I would be more inclined to grow up,if I saw that it worked out for everyone else,meme
be as picky with your men,as you are with your selfies, humor,meme
I don't need an inspirational quote to start my day,just pass me a fat joint,shut the fuck up,meme
if I state my opinion,but there is not a liberal around to get offended,am I still a racist,meme
I see you looking but not liking,but it's ok,i don't post for likes, I post to spread knowledge,keep looking,bob marley, meme

your life is your business,don't let someone else run it,meme
sasquatch, still more believable than,Hillary Clinton,meme
actions always prove why words mean nothing,meme
it was illegal for a slave to know how to read but they gave them the bible,think muthafucka think,meme
first,I like your picture,then I unlike your picture,to let you know,that I don't like your muthafuckin picture,meme

Monday be coming like,debo on a bike,meme
there comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you,meme
there are sick days,paid holidays and vacation days,what about I don't have enough gas to make it to work days,meme
ladies,quit complaining, pick up a wrench,get dirty and spend some time with your man,meme
I limit myself to one blunt a day,right now I'm 6 months ahead,meme

love your parents,we are so busy growing up,we often forget they are also growing old,meme
dear best friend,I honestly don't know what I would do without you,meme
have you ever noticed that the people who think they know everything,never seem to know when to shut up,meme
I didn't change,I just woke up,meme
you said you liked storms,so I let you in,turns out you can only handle a little rain,and I am a hurricane,meme

I'm scared as hell to want you,but here I am,wanting you anyway,meme
so how many of you washed your plan,plan b pill,down with your Starbucks this morning,meme
what are you doing today,me,beer,fishing,sleeve of grizzly winter green long cut,coors light,meme
is it wrong to drop drunks off at houses that aren't theirs,humor,meme
best relationship advice,don't do anything you wouldn't want your partner to do,meme

how I feel when my wifi isn't working,stranded on an island, meme
don't try me,I can make shit weird really quick,meme
I appreciate effort,no matter how small,silly or irrelevant, I appreciate effort,meme
death leaves a heartache no one can heal,love leaves a memory no one can steal,meme
start from nothing,stop for nothing,meme

a man asks a trainer in the gym,i want to impress that beautiful girl,which machine can I use,replies, use the atm,meme
when I see this,I think it looks like this,meme
when we were kids,we didn't have pokemon go,if we wanted to look for that weren't there,we got stoned like normal people,meme
short girl problems,cooking turns into a work out,cause I have to climb the counters,meme
the only people that understand rock bottom,are the ones who have been there,meme

I don't come with dice,so don't fucking play me,meme
6 hours later, 5- hour energy,driver and passenger past out sleeping,explain this,meme
legalize,regulate, educate,medicate, meme
2a.m. drake arrives at the casino for a drink,will you be playing today,the bartender asks,no he sighs,I've already been played,humor,meme
we met for a reason,either you're a blessing or a lesson,meme

until you change your thinking,you will always recycle your experiences, meme
grab a 6 pack an a lawn chair,there's a tornado coming,meme
friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,what,you like fishing,too,meme, friends,meme
fsu, caps available at wal mart,shit heads,meme
there is always,always always,something to be thankful for,meme

I was up really late last night making voodoo dolls for,well,never mind,you'll know who you are soon enough,meme
2016,abandons freedom to fight for, safe space,1944, abandoned their safe space to, fight for freedom,meme
melania trump,Michelle obama,speech,looking over her shoulder to copy speech,humor,meme
dear ex,I just wanted you to know,that I thought of you today,while I was taking a shit, meme
how to break up nicely,I think it's timemwe take this relationship to the previous level,meme

I'm not sure what my spirit animal is,but im confident it has rabies,meme
if only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies,how very different our ideals of beauty would be,meme
one reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up,instead of what they have to gain,meme
the first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest,meme
you gotta have heart & be heartless at the same time,2pac, meme

when you unroll your,wavepad, at the sandbar,,meme
you are such a flirt,and can't be trusted,me,I'm single,humor,meme
when someone loves you,they don't have to say it,you can tell by the way they treat you,meme
if there's ever a zombie apocalypse and they start eating us,liberals,will tell us that we need to be tolerant of their dietary preferences, meme
decaf coffee only works,if you throw it at people,meme

whenever you feel stupid,remember there are people outside looking for pokemon,humor,meme
where do you see yourself in 10 years,men riding coolers, meme
mom,do you think I'm a bad mom jimmy,son,my name is jack,humor,meme
this is why women,live longer than men,meme
I hate when guys take pics like this,okay we get it,you crossfit,humor,skinny men,flexing bones,meme

I have a pretty big ass, so when I half ass something,you're still getting something impressive, humor,meme
this heat got me like,too dame hot,meme
saying,all lives matter,is like the fire department spraying water on every house on the block,when only 1 is on fire,meme
at work like,this clock play too dame much,meme
tears in my beers,beer mug,meme

nowadays I walk over the things I use to trip over,meme
I wish people came with previews so I can see what I'm getting myself into,meme
I don't need anymore friends,I need business partners,meme
don't call it a dream,call it a plan,map,meme
you attract people by the qualities you display,you keep them by the qualities you possess,meme

kindness doesn't cost a dame thing,sprinkle that shit everywhere,meme
jealously is a disease,get well soon,bitch, meme
if she makes you feel a mixture of,dame she turns me on,and my god this woman is going to kill me,more than likely,she's the 1, meme
the nicer you are,the easier you're hurt,so just be a bitch, meme
I just wanna cuddle and get my booty rubbed on,meme

if you expect something in return for being a nice person,you aren't a nice person,meme
psychology says,flirting is an effective way of reducing loneliness,depression and relieving stress,meme
my wife was so sick this morning,I had to carry her to the kitchen,to make my breakfast, meme
we don't lose friends,we learn who our real one's are,meme
beer doesn't have many vitamins, that's why you need to drink lots of it,meme

my heart says go fishing,my bills say,go to work,meme
when life knocks you down,roll over,and look at the stars,meme
fall in love with taking care of yourself,mind,body,spirit,meme
when the city girl you married doesn't understand,why you keep planning fishing trips with the guys,meme
you don't worry about fitting in,when you're custom made,meme

I need to get in shape,if I was murdered right now,my chalk outline would be a circle,meme
married life is so easy,it's just like walking in a park,the problem is the park is jurassic park,meme
do not give your past the power to define your future,meme
don't play the victim to circumstances you created,meme